Took your advice, now I need help!


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I read all the posts about getting a good gun belt to provide a firm foundation for concealed carry so I went out and ordered a Rafters belt.:D I bought a 2" wide belt because as everyone knows bigger is better. :eek:Now I have a problem. I now have the belt to hold the pants up but no pants. Where do I get pants that have 2" loops? Dress pants and jeans. Any ideas on brands would be appreciated, as it is getting cold here in Mn. and all I got so far is a gunbelt and a oversized shirt.:)

I am sorry about your misfortune. Since you're in MN I would strongly encourage you to find some pants. I think even in TN I would be cold without pants. If you did have pants, how is the belt? Sorry I couldn't find any pants with belt loops that wide. Good luck.
You might contact They say extra wide cargo belts loops that will accommodate any belt.

Also I have some DKNY jeans and I think a 2" belt would work in them.
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help has arrived..

I just checked the Rafters website and the belt I ordered is 1 1/2". Problem solved.:D
Good thing because other than pants, not much else fits on a 2" belt! :D Most holsters are 1 1/2".

By the way, Levis take a 2: belt! ;)
You could wear suspenders. Do they work with a kilt. Don't trust a man that wears a belt and spenders. You can't trust a man that don't trust his own pants.

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