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In Indy this week a home was entered and an arsenal confiscated......over 100 weapons from hand-guns to rifles to fully auto machine gun, mortar AND a Russian made anti-tank....geeeezzz with ammo for everything.
WISH TV 8: Indianapolis News and Weather - Guns & ammo confiscated from Indy home
the law used says that if the LEO beleive the owner to be unstable and a threat to himslef or others it is justified.
this is one of those cases that scares even me relative to 2nd A. I know this is the kind of story the antis love and those on the fence will have thrown at them as reason enough to change law. he can get it all back (- the anti-tank) if he can PROVE himself stable.


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Hopefully, this guy will be able to get the help he needs. Then maybe his weapons, which it seems he rightfully owns and he did not commit any crimes with, will be returned to him.


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It doesn't seem like he did anything wrong...and shouldn't law enforcement have to get some kind of professional opinion instead of just going off of what they feel? Seems like guilt is assumed here...


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Sounds like a nice collection to me. Hopefully he gets things straightened out and gets his guns back. However it does irritate me that people sometimes exhibit poor behavior with firearms and give the public a bad impression of what it means to be an active gun owner.

There was a shell-shocked vet who lived across the street...a few years ago he thought he saw Charlie in the middle of the night and just started blasting away at his neighbor's house with a couple of rifles. I was awake at the time and quickly lost count of the rounds. The cops showed up but fortunately no one was even injured. I appreciate his service to the country, but I also don't want him peppering the neighborhood with lead. That specific incident is why I am not opposed to veterans with PTSD being restricted from CWP until they get proper treatment. I wish we could do better for them, but that's just the way things are right now.


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dang.. wonder what I would do if I had a neighbor with a stash like that... probably try to make friends:)


Thank God I'm alive!
dang.. wonder what I would do if I had a neighbor with a stash like that... probably try to make friends:)

Not only that, but I'd try to find out where he goes to get his guns. I want an arsenal that big or bigger. Heck, I'd even try to participate in a contest to see who can develop the biggest arsenal.

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