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I bought a Taurus pt111 millennium pro in 9mm. A buddy needed some cash, I paid 250 for it, good deal? Also any reviews either positive or negative would very appreciated

It's not a bad deal, question is, did your friend take care of it and around how many rounds did he shoot through it?

Buying used is great many times, because there are many people that only shoot 150-500 rounds through a gun! Even greater if your friend cleaned it after every time he shot it at the range, etc.

This retails for about $334-367 in my neck of the woods. However, if your friend has had this for a while, didn't take care of it, it's not such a great deal when you consider you could have bought it new for about $160 more.

Just my .02 cents, still working on the other .98 ;)
buying a Taurus is always a good deal in my opinion .. if anything goes wrong just send it to Taurus and they will fix it for free .. that being said i have a few Taurus guns .. a Taurus is like a light bulb, either it works or it doesn't .. my PT111 has over 5k rds through her .. not even a hiccup .. the gun is easy to disassemble and clean .. you will have a problem with shooting low & left if you are a RT hand shooter until you adapt to the gun .. it is not a bulls eye shooter per say ..
for more info pro & con go to Taurus Firearms Forum - / Taurus Guns .. more information than you want can be found there .. LoL

Taurus makes pretty good pistols. Some have had issues, but mine and several friends have been great. I believe they sell a larger volume and tend to have more out there to foul up. Taurus warranty is good but service may be slow. I think you got a deal. Give it a good run and let us know how it went.

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