To everyone living in Columbus, Ohio


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Considering the attack at OSU this morning by a OSU student who had only been a student for a few weeks there, he was allowed to enter our country two years ago from Somali as an refugee and was given a place to live and go to school on the tax payers money and this is how he repays what he’s been given.
With Columbus being one of the three highest places in America that have the largest number of Somali’s living there with Washington, DC and Minnesota being the other two, what people need to be concerned in Columbus is, with these large number of Somali’s living there, there is a great possibility of someone who knows this person or is a relative of this person to act out in anger because he was killed while he was hacking up fellow students by a policeman.
I grew up in Columbus and left in 1971, way before this large influx of foreign Somali Muslim refugees were allowed to live there, but even back then, there were racial riots all over the city, especially during my senior year in high school. I can’t count or remember the number of times Glinda (my future wife) and I would receive info from a friend that there were riots planned for our school and we would leave the school, one time we didn’t get the info and were caught up is the middle of a riot and just barely made it out of there in time to not be right in the middle of it. Needless to say, our senior year in high school really sucked.
I still have relatives living in Columbus, one being my son in law who works at an apartment complex with 75% of the people living there being from Somali and all I can do is hope he watches himself for the next week or so, just in case there are people in his apartment complex that either know or are a relative of this young man who conducted this act of terrorism this morning and this also goes for every other person who lives in Columbus to be careful and watch their surroundings and stay safe.

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