Tips for Bugging Out in a Vehicle


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Tips for Bugging Out in a Vehicle

By: Jacob Hunter
When SHTF and it comes time to “Bug Out,” most of us don’t want to rough in on foot. We prefer the speed and security of our cars, SUVs, and trucks. But Bugging Out by vehicle comes with its own unique complications and factors to consider. Here are some tips for Bugging Out in a vehicle.
Be Prepared to Abandon Your Vehicle
None of us know exactly what will happen when a disaster strikes. We can only look at examples of past disasters and use them to make well-informed guesses about how people will react. If history holds true, then we can expect some MASSIVE traffic jams when SHTF.
Take Hurricane Rita in Texas in 2005 as an example. It was one of the worst traffic jams in the world and lasted 48 hours. After the hurricane warning, about 2.5 million people tried to flee on Interstate 45, leading to the horrendous traffic jams.
By taking some smart actions, you can avoid the traffic jams. But you could still get caught in a massive traffic jam. So be prepared to leave your vehicle and set out on foot or with an alternative form of transportation.
Traffic jams aren’t the only reasons you might need to abandon your vehicle. It could break down. It could make you too conspicuous. You might need to take a route not accessible by vehicles… Be ready to leave!
Don’t Overpack Your Bug Out Bag
One of the advantages of bugging out by vehicle is that you can take a lot more supplies with you. But that doesn’t mean you should pack all of these extra supplies in your Bug Out Bag. Your BOB would become so heavy that you wouldn’t be able to carry them if you had to abandon your vehicle. Always keep the most important gear in your BOB and extras packed separately in the Bug Out vehicle.
Keep One Bug Out Bag In Your Vehicle
I have 2 identical Bug Out Bags packed. One is for at home, and the other is kept in my vehicle. If SHTF while I am away from home, I don’t have to lose precious time going back home to get my BOB. This means I am more likely to be the first on the road and beat the massive traffic jams.

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Don't forget to pack you Anti-Zombie spray in your bug-out bag. And you might want to consider some Bug spray in your Bug-out also.
Christians don't need a Bug-out bag. They are not even needing a "Going up" bag.


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Since are fulltime RVers, we have several things to consider. We are always in different states and cities and often not close to our bug out location. Since we started our RVing lifestyle we have downsized our home from a monster sized 41' toyhauler fifthwheel to a travel trailer which is still good size but not as tall so there are more underpasses and such that we can take it through. But knowing that depending on the situation, we will likely have to leave it wherever it currently sets, we opted for a 1 ton conversion van which can also double as our vehicle/home. We keep enough gas with it to get it to our bug out location and it is always loaded and restocked as needed with supplies. We actually use it quite a bit on weekends to visit family and stay in it at family's house and also use it for short camping trips. Then our next layer of abandoning vehicle includes hiking backpacks stocked and ready to go which we use our our bug out bags and we also use them fairly regularly for backpacking trips so they also stay stocked with needed items. I keep a smaller go bag with me everyday no matter where I go that could be used provided I cannot get back to my main RV or to my conversion Van and we are just running around in our truck.

Our biggest challenge is where we are staying at any given time, we are not familiar with the area. We make a habit of looking for water, sheltering areas, and other resources as we drive along town to town or state to state. We also do this while driving around the town we are currently staying in and try to figure out where good resources are from where our camper is currently parked. So if we need to head out quickly either in our van, our truck, or on foot with our backpacks, we have an idea of which direction we need to get to first on our journey back to our bug out location.

No plan is perfect, but use what you have and work with whatever is available.

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