Time it took to get my Virginia Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit


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As of today, I am at 120 days and still nothing. If by a slim chance I was denied, would I have been notified?


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I have been waiting since 11/4/2016 , notice that payment received on that date. Todays date is 3/4/2017. So its been 120 days so far.


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Patience, grasshoppers. Remember, this is required to keep criminals from carrying concealed guns and makes everyone safer. </sarcasm>


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send my out 3-3-2017, they received it 3-8-2017. i live in Springfield Ma, and have a gun license here. yes this city is quick to put restriction on your license. well let see how long it will take me. even though i have my license already, it shouldn't take long right. i was already told before sending it out by virginia police department it will take 120 days. It is what it is and that how they do things. I'll keep you updated.


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Just an update as to how long this process is now taking.
Mailed application: 21 February
Received: 24 February

When I received my receipt, it stated "approximately 140 days" until I receive my permit. I'm at 119 days now. No worries.


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Well I never receive any receipt, but I was told by Virginia police to 120 days start from the time they cash your check or money order. Well my money order was cash March 30. I called July 8th and was told the processing March paperwork now. Wow in July they just getting to it or again that how they do thing for the outsider. Well she guess that I should see it next month. She didn't give me any information if I was getting my. But If there was a problem I would have known it by now. So if added all up maybe it's a 140 days. Dibert08 lets see if that's the case for both of us. Again I'm in Mass.


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By the way I send an email July 14, to the Virginia precinct and got a reply the July 16th quote: "Due to extreme volume of application, the current estimated processing time is 120-150 days from receipt of payment. We are showing that your payment was processed March 24th, 2017. Therefore, the approximate issuance date of your permit will be between July 24th -August 24th." Well dilbert08 time will tell. Will update.


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Well, I passed the time frame that was giving to me to receive my permit. I know Virginia had a lot going on lately unfortunately. Don't know if that have anything to do with it. Anyway. Maybe it now in the mail. But I'm passed 150 days for sure and still waiting. Again They received my package March 8 2017, processed March 24 2017. And I already have a Massachusetts gun license. Will update. Maybe I'll give it a another week before I fire then a email to see what the deal.


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Just curious - would you consider that a very reasonable law if you had to go through those hoops to legally attend the church of your choice? Post on the internet? Prevent a police officer from stopping your vehicle on the highway to search your vehicle? Why are these laws very reasonable when they only apply to 2nd Amendment and not equally to the 1st or 4th Amendments - or, heaven forbid, to voting?
NavyLCDR, those are all good questions, IMHO.

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