Thune Introduces Bill To Allow Concealed Firearms To Be Carried Across State Lines


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Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) on Tuesday introduced the Respecting States’ Rights and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (S.371), a bill that would allow people to carry lawfully concealed firearms across state lines, while at the same time respecting the laws of the host state.

“South Dakota is a state with responsible laws allowing citizens to protect themselves with concealed weapons,” Thune said. “Law-abiding South Dakotans should be able to exercise the right to bear arms in states with similar regulations on concealed firearms.”

According to economist and leading firearms researcher John Lott, Jr., states with concealed carry laws have significantly lower violent crime rates. His data shows that for every year a state has a concealed carry law, the murder rate declines by three percent, rape by two percent and robberies by over two percent.

Currently, some states with concealed carry laws grant reciprocity to permit-holders from other select states. Thune’s bill strikes a balance between individual and states’ rights by allowing an individual to carry a concealed firearm across state lines if they either have a valid permit or if, under their state of residence, they are entitled to do so. People traveling with guns must follow the laws of the host state, including laws concerning specific types of locations in which firearms may or may not be carried.

I hope this happens however with the present congress and President in power I will admit I am a little dubious that it will become law.
I live in Milford Pa. That means I live about 10 miles from the NJ state line and about 16 miles from the NY line.
There have been numerous times that I have had to return home to put my gun away or get out of the car and lock the gun and ammo separate so that I can enter these two 'GREAT :-(' states.

A law like the one introduced would be most helpful.
Thune is my senator. Here in South Dakota we already recognize permits issued by all other states. What Senator Thune is pushing for is for all states to do the same. Thune is a good guy.
Wasn't a similar effort defeated by one vote in the Senate last Fall? It would still have to pass in the House too...right?
Just doing what the Liberals always do. If at first you don't succeed bring it up again and again and again... Attach it to every spending bill, etc. etc.
I must travel to California often. It greatly annoys me that I must disarm in the place I need protection the most.

I, too, would like bill this to become law.
I must travel to California often. It greatly annoys me that I must disarm in the place I need protection the most.

I, too, would like bill this to become law.

Funny how the places you need to carry the most are the places that out law it, cough, NY, Chicago, Cali, cough

They allow me to operate my motor vehicle over state lines (they kill more people per year than guns do) so why is it such an issue for me to carry a firearm? I have a family summer home over the border in upstate NY. I would love nothing more than to be able to just drive over the border. I'll keep fingers crossed and pray...

If they ask for a nationwide vote we all need to make it happen... Spread the word, send your senator a letter.
This One Will Be Back...

This one will be back, when the following two conditions are met:
  1. McDonald v The City of Chicago comes down with a victory for Incorporation using Strict Scrutiny. Does not matter if the reason is the Equal Protection and/or Privileges and Immunities clauses of the 14th Amendment.
  2. A bill comes up in the Senate that must pass, and it becomes an amendment to that bill with over 59 votes.
The combination of the upcoming election and the fear of being on the rong (States Rights) side of the argument will get us the number of votes we need.

We had 58 the last time, and Teddy has gone to meet his maker. The political climate is much more condusive to it passing now. Election Day is coming near for 1/3 of the Senate, and some of them who did not vote our way will take this opportunity to make belated amends...
I'm lucky. Texas is so damn big and I'm smack dab in the middle (pert near). So I almost never leave it. Plus we have resiprosity with all the states around us - heck, 31 total last I checked. So it's only when I visit either of the other coasts that I'm not legal (oh, and the PRIL and PRWI) - which I avoid.

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