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Thanks to y'all for prompting me on this sub-topic under the CC thread. I asked the question "why no holster discussion" and received a welcome answer. I pocket carry a Keltec P3AT and have found that the usual design of most of the holsters just float around in my pocket and give me some angst when I try to present the firearm and simulataneously feel as if the holster is coming out with the firearm; this is true with sticky material holsters and winged holsters that profess their designs to be solutions to the movement. I recently came across the "thumb push" design on several sites and feel that this is the real answer to ensuring that the holster stays in place almost regardless of the size of the pocket it is in. Comments? Agreements? Disagreements? Recommendations?

Is there a particular "thumb push" brand that you've used and would recommend? My dad just bought himself a Keltec P9; and I've been researching pocket holsters for him. I'd like to check the "thumb push" out. Thanks for starting the conversation! :)
Having the same problem with the Blackhawk pocket holster I bought for my Ruger LCP. It's quite a nuisance to struggle the gun out without the holster in tow. I'm thinking of fastening a couple of pieces of leather together to make my own holster.
hey matthewaynelson: The 2 holster mfgrs that intrigued me best were FIST and Bearcreek. If you are into leather, I really liked the Bearcreek best but I purchased the FIST one in kydex (they also make them in leather if you are so inclined) because it seemed to have the most substantial looking thumb push.

hey rksap: I started out with a cheap Mikes holster and did not find the sticky nature on outside to be sufficient when I wore larger pocket pants. I took the holster, cut a strip of the thinner bicycle inner tube that was around 2 inches longer than the bottom of the holster. Sliced it lengthwise (just enough to shoehorn fit the bottom of the holster, leaving the ends unsliced) and, using good silicone glue, attached it to the bottom of the holster. Folder over each edge so that around a 1 inch is left on each side and wrapped each edge with the sticky tape they use on ends of tennis rackets or hockey sticks; I also wrapped it over the rubbber tubing and made sure that some of the tape ended up securing the tubing to the holster where the tubing extended out from the bottom of the holster. I then smeared a little of the silicone glue over the tape to sort of secure it in place and wahlah I have wings on each side of the holster that can be bent when putting them into the pocket and they secure the holster in the pocket. I also took a small piece of tubing and placed it into the bottom of the holster so that the firearm still stays in place but not quite as secure--allows it to move out of holster quicker with little "drag". The combination works well but I still went ahead and ordered a thumb push per the above reply.
Thanks kelcarry,
That sounds like quite a rig! (and my brother has some bikes stored at my house that are always in the way, hmm...)
I've been carrying a P-3AT in a guru pocket holster ( for five years. The older guru had a thumb push, the new ones don't but the leather is thick enough that it works like it does.

I find that the combination with the wallet backer makes the holster stay right in place during draw. It is the only pocket holster that has made me happy and I think at one time I've tried just about all of them.
I guess this thumb push is available on several holsters. It just seems that the FIST thumb push is really designed to be a thumb push and not just a thickened piece of leather. I guess they all work--in about 6 weeks, I'll let y'all know--at least for the FIST holster.
... I purchased the FIST one in kydex (they also make them in leather).


I like the look of it. Course, it really will depend on which one my Pop likes! We're headed to the Fort Worth High Caliber Gun and Knife show tomorrow morning—maybe FIST will be present and we can take a look at their pocket holsters!

Either way, thanks for the info kelcarry!

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