Thumb break or not?


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How many people here prefer their holster with a thumb break?

It would seem to be a good idea for securing your gun better. This way it's harder for someone to run up and take your gun from your holster. Just wonder how many agree with a thumb break?

Some people say it hinders their drawing,

Let me hear what people think, I'm going to buy a leather holster and am deciding on whether to buy it with or without a thumb break.


it's good for some peeps esp if they oc but i conceal carry and i like the crossbreed iwb holster for myself
A thumb break offers little to no protection from a gun grab to an individual who's practiced defeating it. If you're carrying concealed a properly formed holster will provide adequate retention through the friction of the fit. If you want a retention holster for open carry a holster like the Safariland 6377 ALS is a far superior holster to a thumb break.
So you believe a thumb break is not needed on IWB holsters?

I have seen the Pro Holster from N82Tactical IWB and it has great retention, you have to actually twist the gun slightly toward your body to draw.
This would make it hard for anyone to grab your gun from the holster.
So you believe a thumb break is not needed on IWB holsters?''
yes not needed imo many iwbs don't have them anyways i never seen an iwb that did?
IMHO...A thumb break has it's pros and cons as does anything... I personally don't use one... but i do make sure to have either a good form fitted holster or a galco type holster with the trigger finger release (uses good form anyways to keep your finger off the trigger) when I open carry, or when I conceal with an IWB I find that making sure my belt ( always thick and 1 3/4 inches wide) is cinched nice and tight.. I find this gives me plenty of retention but will not jar loose with movement, as well as making someone grabbing for it extremely difficult... but that might not work for you and that is fine to.. you must do what you are comfortable with... go to a gun store and ask to try a few different styles to see what fits you best, most dealers have no problem with you trying before you buy.
So you believe a thumb break is not needed on IWB holsters?

Definetely not need but I wouldn't not get a holster that had one either.

Pick the holster you like and if it has a thumb break practice popping it off until it's second nature, if not don't worry about it
I have used both I would use a thumb break for owb carry. No need for thumb break for iwb. If u use a thumb break practice practice practice.
I mostly conceal carry IWB and none of my holsters have a thumb break, I don't have any OWB with it either. The couple of shoulder holsters I do have do have it and it is essential. I have witnessed a couple of drops from shoulder holsters.
For almost all of my holsters I have a thumb break. Reason I do is for my situation, 90% of the time I am on a motorcycle and want the added security and piece of mind.I do have about 6 holsters with no thumb break and use them mostly when I am traveling long distances and using my truck.
Buy a cheap thumb break holster and see if you like it practice with it and see if it has any issues with you and the way you carry. When it comes to a holster just like a firearm it has to be one YOU can use well and with as much muscle memory as possible. Every lever of retention requires more practice and will ad time to your draw. Also consider the maybes such as if my strong hand is injured can I use this with my weak hand?
Try both and see what works best for you.

The worst case you will have a box of various holsters that you can pick and choose from!

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I find a thumb break or strap useful on my hunting holsters, or for use when I'm woods walking. I don't care for them on my everyday wear holster.
I had a thumb break on my Dan Wesson's 357 holster and loved it! So quick and easy to release with little to no effort. I can say I am a fan
I carry OWB and I carry with a thumb break holster, always have, it's what I like.

I use High Noon Sky High Holsters


High Noon Holsters


I also use their Rock Steady Belt.

You can use their Skin Tite Holster also, it's just not lined.

I just bought a Ruger LC9 and High Noon doesn't make the Sky High to fit the LC9 W/CT yet so I just found this Holster and I really like it.

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It's from Pro Carry Holsters and it's their "On Duty" Holster

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Thumb breaks were the standard in the late 70's when I got into LE, 4 decades later there are much better retention alternatives today. Such as the Safariland 6377, 5.11 thumb drive and the Bianchi 82.
I have found both to be fine after trying some holsters, IWB I have decided I don't really need a thumb break but I do have one and have no problem using it.

You want some type of retention. Imagine you are in a scuffle and your gun falls out, now y'all are fighting over your gun.... Bad deal. Just my opinion

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