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I just traded my Ruger SR9c for a MILLENNIUM PRO 145 .45 ACP POLYMER PISTOL IN BLUE STEEL, both in same condition (practically new, less than 150 rounds fired.) I got 3 mags with it, crossbreed holster, some target ammo and some personal defense rounds. Did I make a good choice? I'm used to 9mm firearms so I thought I would have difficulty firing this. I took it out back to my range I built in my back yard and fired off about 40 rounds. The first few shots took me a little to get used to the extra punch vs. my SR9c but, after that I was pretty dead on which surprised me. What are your thoughts on this? Those that are more expert than myself at gun purchases/trading. I'm still in the novice stage.

Phillip Gain

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Here's a novice mistake: Asking for opinions on a firearm AFTER you've purchased and shot it! What if everyone NOW says it sucks after 100 rounds and the manufacturer won't make good on warranty?

(I seriously don't know anything about this particular firearm, though. But good choice on the .45ACP caliber.)


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I have a PT-145 and for the most part it's acceptable. Mine will not feed round nose hollow point ammo. So, I keep the first round chambered with Remington Golden Sabre or Speer Gold Dot, and the rest of the magazine is full of Hornady TAP Critical Defense. My gun does feed lead round nose or flat points just fine for target use. It looks like there is a lot of extra room to polish the feed ramp and I may get around to trying to solve my feeding issue by polishing the feed ramp.

Be aware there is a flaw in some PT-145 safety mechanisms. WITH THE GUN UNLOADED, depress the trigger slightly and move the safety lever to safe. Now release the trigger and then attempt to pull the trigger. The generation of PT-145's that my gun is will still fire if the safety is enganged with the trigger slightly depressed. The owner's manual warns against this, and I don't know why anyone would engange the safety with the trigger partly depressed anyway - but just something to be aware of.

I think you did OK in the trade. I carry my PT-145 every day, I love the 10+1 .45ACP capacity for the gun's size. Just make sure the gun will reliably feed the ammo you plan on carrying. Mine doesn't jam like 1 round per magazine, mine jams like every round in the magazine of round-nose hollowpoint, but has no problems with Hornady TAP.

Also, Taurus has a life-time warranty on the gun for any owner.


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I don't have the PT-145 though I did look at it. I went with the 24/7 in .45 acp since it has a higher capacity. I've been well pleased with my Taurus arms. I think you did well.



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I have arthritis pretty bad in my hands and all over. My point is that the PRO145 .45ACP as you discribed is like the one I have. I like the hell out of mine. It does have a pretty good punch so I don't practice a whole lot with it because it does hurt my hands. But I carry it most of the time because it carries a good wholip in knock down power. If I was in a situation to have to use it, it doesn't have such a punch that I wouldn't be able to defend myself. I am very glad I have mine and it is easy to conceal. I am also a big Ruger fan by owning 7 of them. I just feel pretty safe with the Pro 145 under my shirt. I have other disabilities and I am 66 years old. :no:

Detroit 45 acp

It's a Taurus =P O S!!! What did you except for $300.00??


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I have the PT145 in stainless. Great pistol IMO. Never had an issue with it and it ate everything I fed it. It saved my hide from a pissed off boar once so I pretty much love this gun.


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I own a PT145 and I have to say it is a awesome conceal carry pistol. I wasn't a big fan of the Heine Sights so I replaced them with the Williams Fire Sights. Still accurate and haven't had a FTF so far. Great cost, great pistol. We've made a good investment.

Patrick Shearer

Thanks for those comments - I guess everyone has their opinion on each particular gun. Yes, this particular gun did have some safety flaws and I did research prior to doing the trade. This gun seems to be a later generation (III I think) so the flaws were fixed as I did try firing it (UNLOADED) with the safety engaged, seems not to be a problem with this one. I've also fired lead ball rounds, steel casing rounds, just about every type that you would normally shoot. Not one jam. I bought some Federal Premium 230 grain hydra-shok JHP for personal defense. I haven't fired one yet and I hope I never have too. I will say I don't like the sights either so, thanks for that recommendation. As mentioned, everyone has their opinion and those that don't like the gun may have had a P.O.S., that's understandable. Thought, reading the thread and seeing many reviews, about 90% were positive. I'm not saying I made a GREAT choice but, a good one to say the least. I helped a friend who had been wanting really badly to have my SR9c and he finally asked if it possible that I would be interested in a trade. So far, I'm happy. Now, I'm off buy a new holster.


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The 145 is a good pistol but mine does not like certain hollow points as the first couple rounds out of a full mag try to nosedive and some hollow points jam on the bottom of the feed ramp. Test it out.
Mine is great with any fmj.

good luck

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