Thoughts on a "Bug-Out" Carbine


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Bugging out is a last resort for me as I'm sure it will be for most of you. That said, if the need should arise and I am limited to what I can carry on my person and on my back, certain compromises must be made.

Here are my thoughts on Choosing the Perfect “Bug-Out” Carbine. Any feedback would be most welcome.



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Well, if we are talking a true carbine... .30 M1 Carbines are great! I suppose people would say an 5.56mm M4 as well but I'm not a fan of the gas system. An 5.45mm AK-74 with a folding stock is great! It's just about the most reliable platform available.

Now, these are my two top choices off the top of my head. Though I do own both... so I may be bias. :)


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I like the AR15 platform. The piston impingement units run cooler and are reliable, but cost could be an issue so it depends on budget. Easier to carry lots of ammo for 'em... 420 round can of 5.56x45 M855 62gr fills 14 30rd magazines... Not all that heavy...

I also like the .30 M1 carbine idea.. small light weight (both ammo and rifle)...


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I feel too many people dawg the M1 Carbine... I think there were too many stories from Korea of it not dropping Chinese troops. When, from the research I've done was actually more due to guys going full auto and simply missing.

The M1 Carbine is light, small, accurate, has good capacity w/ 30rd mags, those of which are light as well when loaded up... and within "most" situations where you would have to use the weapon, the 110gr soft point round hits with enough energy to put someone down.

It's not a 300m weapon, but who the hell(other than combat troops) will be shooting at someone at that range? You should hunker down and let them pass if you can...


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for me, I'm going with a Hi-Point carbine in .40 S&W to match my G27. Only 1 caliber of ammo to worry about. it may not have the range of an AR, but really, how much long range shooting does one expect to do.


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The ammo thing is very important! The fewer calibers you have to carry, the more of one you can. Like Plainshunter said, how far out are you really going to be "reaching out & touching" someone? I'd bet the average would be between 25-100yds... with a few longer shots perhaps.

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If not carrying too much is a issue kel tec sub 2000 is the solution takes pistol mags shoots 9 40 or 45 and folds in half for easy carry


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I would second the hipoint carbine in 40s&w. Matches up to my Jericho 941. If it is an extended INCB (im not coming back) situation im taking my SKS. I have abused it like it owed me money and it still does all I ask of it. I can't imagine needing to fire it often enough that ammo weight would be an issue. Thi isn't red dawn and the commies haven't invaded :) (but if they do I look forward to taking their ammo lol)


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Ill be honest with ya, bugging out with expensive hardware would be a tough decision. How bad is the situation? Are we bugging out because of weather events or because the local militant cell blew something up? If its the latter, I would fully expect local law enforcement (or any feds you encountered ) to confiscate your tech. Its written in all the martial law codes. I think I would use my most capable "cheap" reliable firearm I had available to me.


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Ar-15 would be my choice. Proven reliable in all kinds of weather. Uses standard ammo .223 or 5.56 that can be easily found. It is a standard ammo for our military so you should be able to find ammo when needed. Plus for $100 you can get .22 conversion kit which takes literally seconds to switch from 5.56 to .22 or back giving you added versatility . Being a staple in our military also means spare parts should be easy to get if needed as well


If it gets bad enough to force me away from my home, I'm leaving the carbines in the safe. I'm grabbing my vang comp 14" 870. Unwavering reliability, undeniable stopping power, uncomparable versatility, light weight, and short overall length. I would pack a 4x scope for hunting, and a pistol grip for added concealability. Slugs, buck, and bird would give me the ability to fit the weapon to the task. Ammo can be found on any army base, in any police station, in most homes and in many stores. The gun was built to keep on ticking after the clocks stop running.
I know this is about carbines and I mean no disrespect, so IF I have to pick a rifle...AK 47 hands down.


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Ssomething in .223/556. Military standard (think surplus ammo) and popular with the AR crowd. A little Googling and you can find a Century Golani in .223/556 for $499 to $530. It has a with folding stock, synthetic stock and parkerized finish. 29" folded and 38" extended. It's on the AK platform, so it should just run. I don't know where you'd get parts, but then again, I wouldn't expect you'd need them. Just stock up on magazines and ammo...


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Assuming we are talking about weapons we actually own, I am taking my Mini-14.

It's light. The ammo is light. The ammo is common. It always fires, even when using cheap (Russian) ammo.

Don't get me wrong. I will readily admit that my AR is more accurate and more durable. But my Mini goes BANG when BANG is all that counts. That's why it remains strapped to my B.O.B.


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You weren't specific about the scenario that yopu would require your BOG. Natural disaster (flood, hurricane, forrest fire) would normally be an orderly evacuation. If it's the end of civilization and the zombies are around the corner, that a different story all together.

Think I'd go with something in a pistol caliber to match my pistol. I'f I'm lugging ammo on my back I want it to fit every gun I'm carrying.

There are a couple of conversions out there that, in a matter of seconds, will convert some pistols over to a carbine configuration. Don't have a lot of specifics about them but if you don't want to lug the extra weight I think you may consider it.

An Uzi is one of the first pistol caliber weapon platforms that come to mind.

If I needed to go long rang, I think I'd like the BM-59 folding stock M14 in a SOCOM configuration with a scout scope. 308 is a good all around cartridge and readily available.

But thats just my opinion.

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