This will take about a hour to watch...


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But it will be one the best hours you have ever spent. This link Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West (1 of 10) will take you to the first of 10 videos, the remainder are at the top of the column to the right. It will show you the true heart of the Muslim extremist, it will show you the parallel between Hitler and the Extremist, and it will show you that not all Muslims are extremist, but want peace for their family and us as well.

If the video has been removed from youtube, it won't play here either. Can this video be found anywhere else?

I just checked it and it is still on U Tube but for some reason I will not link, just double click on the blue title bar and it will open the page n play.
I finally got around to watching the first five parts today. Unfortunately none of what I've seen and heard surprises me one bit. The fight against Islamic fundamentalism is, unfortunately, is a war to save civilized society as we know it.

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