This is not a drill.


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This is not a drill!​

We all know that the states CHL/ CCW license requirements and training is geared towards legal issues and basic gun safety. It is good that basically anyone who qualifies can get a license but then there is the matter of why we want to bear arms and conceal our handguns. Violent attacks.

In violent, stressful situations we all revert down to our lowest level of training. Is yours enough? Seriously- have you practiced and attained muscle memory of a full gun deployment (however you carry it) under stress and pressure? If not, how can you be certain it will work in a dark place when a thug is running at you with a knife?

I am a firearms instructor and I am a published author. I write for IALEFI Magazine and other LE Training publications. I train military units, entire police agencies, instructor cadre and private citizens. I am a NRA Law Enforcement Firearms instructor in many disciplines but my main specialty is Israeli Combat Shooting. Don't let the word 'combat' scare you. If someone attacks you- it is combat, believe me.

Check out my system, blog and website. I have included a lot of video, pictures and articles about self-defense. Receive training in a well-rounded system designed for everyone from trainers who have survived violent confrontations on the street and battlefield. My system is well suited for women, men, police and military. No experience necessary.

In addition, we have surplus supplies of bullets and sell our students plenty of rounds for our training, at reasonable prices. I know that everyone is concerned about having enough rounds to practice- this takes the worry out of it. Training is provided locally in the places listed below and by seminar or class in the US. Please contact me with your interest.

Robb Hamic, President
Summit Self-Defense
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Seminars and classes given to groups, individuals, military units and law enforcement agencies on-site in the U.S.​

Funny you should mention that. Just the other night I was taking the trash to the dumpster before bed and when I tossed it in something started banging around and I felt that familiar switch get flipped and before I knew what happened I had my weapon out hammer back safety off. Turns out it was just a dumpster cat but still like you said you revert to your training. Guess the 4 yrs in the marines and two tours in Iraq did me good.
Seriously tho, muscle memory is very critical. But remember....practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. If you practice bad habits, muscle memory will be bad habits. This applies to golf very well, it would apply to drawing under duress or at least drawing quickly, safely and ready to shoot. As you practice, pay close attention to small details, have someone help you if you can. Work out the glitches before you get into a situation where those glitches cost you. Most of all, do it safely and correctly.
I've always like to train Israeli style, but I am here in Missouri... I travel a lot too around the country and overseas so I can only schedule on my day offs -- in winter. :fie:
well the thought crossed my mind to sneak in a little moving target practice, but then i remembered i live in city limits. so he made it out alive. lol
Good Advise robbhamic. I found your post to be very in-lighting. I've always tried my best to train and create situations that I think would be to my best advantage If ever the situation ever aroused. All the training in the world wont prepare you for that critical moment though. It's so hard to try to create possible situations because each Bad Guy has there own agenda All you can do is rely on what training you do have and, hope it is enough.

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