This is getting close to home

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That is scary...I would advise each of you living in your house arm yourself. Have a talk with your neighbours and get together to watch each other's back, look out for each other. We do here in our neighbourhood. In fact four of us neighbours near one another have a key to each other's house and look after each other. We know when one will leave for a holiday for a few days or so...Only three of us neighbours carry. One neighbour is a Democrap but we love him dearly when we do not talk of politics.:biggrin:


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Years ago when I lived in a rural section of Virginia , I had a gun stashed in each room in the house that was hidden but easy access. I even had one in the bathroom and had it in a zip lock freezer bag to protect it from the humidity and moisture in the bathroom!Now I find my gun is also on my hip at all times, and in a boot by the bed when I am sleeping!:no:


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we have a plague of script drugs here in ky. people are breaking in homes in broad daylight. Young people are comming up missing,and to be honest, you have to be prepared to protect your family.We live in a very rural area and to be frank, have a lot of people going thru that we are not sure of.We have thought of relocating, but there is always an issue somewhere else. We do, have alot of oc/and cc here. LEO are very respectful of that right. Just common courtesy,and respect will get you far with the local leo.But I've gotta think that they are a little thankful there are people that are ready to stand up to crime and the violation of a right,that has been here since they sat down by candle light and wrote that document so many have died to protect. just saying

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