This happened with a BB Gun


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This is from the Southwest Times Record in Ft. Smith, Ar. My dad called me this morning and told me about it. It supposed pierced the lungs and heart. Another firearms saftey case for those wanting to remove them from the shelves.


Boy Says BB Gun Only Meant To Scare Man
Tuesday, May 6, 2008 9:20 AM CDT

Times Record Staff

A Crawford County teen claims he was trying to scare a man who insulted his mother when he fired a BB that pierced the man’s heart, authorities said.

A 15-year-old male was arrested at his friend’s Cedarville residence on suspicion of aggravated assault Sunday evening after deputies with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office were notified that a man had been shot in the chest with a BB gun, according to Chief Deputy Ron Brown.

Deputies learned that the 15-year-old had exchanged heated words with a 38-year-old man at the residence, before firing a BB that struck the man’s chest, piercing his lungs and heart, Brown said.

“(Allegedly) the victim made comments about the suspect’s mother,” Brown said. “He got upset over it and got the BB gun.”

After retrieving his BB gun from inside the residence and returning to confront the 38-year-old, the suspect pumped the BB gun causing it to fire, Brown said.

The teen said he was only attempting to scare the man and did not know that the BB gun was loaded and had already been pumped, according to Brown.

The 38-year-old was transported to St. Edward Mercy Medical Center, where he is currently in critical but stable condition, Brown said.

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Interesting. We just have a couple of standard Daisy bb guns, neither of which fire by being pumped twice, nor does the power increase if it is pumped twice. I don't know that much about the various available air guns, but don't know of any that would fire without the trigger being involved. Another reminder to "never point a gun at anything you don't want to destroy"--even a bb gun. There's probably more to this story . . .
When I was a kid there was a boy on our block that put another boys eye out with a bb gun. I know, it sounds like a line out of the movie Christmas Story, but it really happened.
Yeah I've heard of this happening before. Some bb guns are ramped up enough to cause problems. Thats why I feel its still a gun and the children using them should be taught properly. I grew up around kids carrying bb guns who were either excellent with gun safety, or tried to treat the bb guns like they were a video game. I got shot by one when I was young, thankfully it was a normal power one and it only hit me in the arm barely. I stopped being friends with that person after that. Safety first...Always!!!!
A lot of BB and pellet guns are used to hunt small game (rabbits and squirrel). Just because it uses air rather than gun powder to shoot with doesn’t mean it isn’t a real gun.
another thing would be the anger issue. just because you get angry at someone does not give you the right to go and get a gun even if it is only for the purpose of scaring. this is the kind of crap that gives gun owners a bad name in some peoples' eyes.
Many folks forget that you NEVER use a gun to "scare" someone. This can lead to numerous criminal charges and often tragic results.

On a lighter note, I'm wondering if the guy challenged the kid to pull the trigger, sort of like the security guard in "National Lampoon's Vacation" with Chevy Chase.

When I was younger I had a 5mm Pellet gun that I hunted Rabbit with and it would kill them just as dead as a 22. So I could see this happening, but like most of you I feel there is a lot more to this story.
In my opinion, if this is true, the correct term would be air rifle. A standard bb gun is not going to cause this much damage. Also, as was said, I have never seen an air rifle fire when it is pumped.
In my opinion, if this is true, the correct term would be air rifle. A standard bb gun is not going to cause this much damage. Also, as was said, I have never seen an air rifle fire when it is pumped.

I suspect that they failed to mention where his finger was when he was pumping the said air gun. :eek:


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