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Ok...first let me say this isn't a ccw carry situation but it is a LEO Encounter. Back in the late 80's when i was in the Army stationed in Italy i had a close encounter with some of Italy's finest. Just a bit of background. In Itay there are two main police forces. The Polizia, which is similar to your state police and the Carbeniari which is a para military force that also does public police work. Anyway while on a feild training exercise we were having some commo problems and since i was the one that knew the most about them i was sent on a road trip toget things fixed. On my way i passed 4 Polizia set up on the opposite side of the road doing random stops(perfectly legal there). Knowing how they look for anything out of the ordinary i was hoping they would be gone on my return trip. Wrong.....guess my big cammo hummer was just too much for them to bear. As i approached they all looked my way and one of them steps into the road with his paddle( a red and white circle on a stick) and motions for me to pull over. Well needless to say the pucker factor went up 100 fold as i had not only a loaded 1911 on my side but an M-16 and an M-60 as well in the hummer. Neither was loaded but i did have a few loaded mags for the M-16. So i start thinking what I going to do here. I have weapons and some very sensitive and classified material that thay can't get ahold of. I was hoping at least one of them spoke English as my Italian was limited at best. So there i sit when the offocer that pulled me over came up to the door and started questioning me while his three partners all had there Berretta's trained at the front of my hummer. I tried my best to explain what was up and was making little progress when to my good fortune one of the Carbeniari that was with us pulls up on his BMW bike and after a few exchanges of rapid fire Italian he came over and appologized to me. After that they all wanted to check out the hummer and my weapons....even letting me check out their Berretta sub guns too. All the way back i just kept thinking how that could have gone sideways really quick.

Were you near Livorno or Vicenza?

My 1st duty assignment was Caserme Ederle in Vicenza... loved every day of it! I'd share about my run-in with the Carbeniari but it would take too long and also have nothing to do with firearms... more about curfew violation and a hot Italian girlfriend. :man_in_love: While I learned a lot from my 'punishment' and extra duty, I'd make the same choice again and again daily if I could... she was hot! (Perhaps I didn't learn enough.)

It's kind of interesting that a G.I. driving a military vehicle would capture their attention, unless they just wanted to break up their monotony with some 'toy time.'
I got pulled over in Pusan, South Korea. The local PD and ROK soldiers had some check point set up. After a few pretty basic questions; "Where are you going?", "Where are you coming from?" and "Did you see someone fitting this description?" (while showing me a photograph), they asked if they could check out my sidearm and the rifles my guys had in the back seat. We chatted a bit and were on our way. Sounds like LE in different countries all share the same interest in wanting to check out other folks firearms and equipment.

:biggrin:hey small wrold huh. I was actually stationed in Portoguarto wich was about 1 1/2 hours from Vicenza. Our group HQ was at Caserma Ederla though 559th USAG. I was part of the 11th USAFAD. Spent alot of time in Vicenza though. I was actually a lot closer to Aviano A.F.B. Have some great memories of Italy. Don't think i would want to go back anytime soon though. And yeah those Italian girls were something. I really enjoyed the topless beaches...:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

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