This election will decide the future of the world...

Wild Dog

It came to me in a dream last night.

In it, John Kasich enter my bedroom window, he was bathed in heavenly light as he floated in. He clasped me tightly to his bosom and told me I was loved. I felt such warmth and safety in his embrace. Then he showed me a vision of the future, should he not be elected. The world would die by nuclear fire. I then woke up knew I had to spread the word.

So, John Kasich 2016.

Nadir Point

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The holy rollers are all the same. Biggest bunch of hypocrits on the planet:

The biggest story of the past fifty years in American politics has been the ascendancy of the right, and it's a story of apostasy.

---George Packer, "Turned Around," The New Yorker, February 22, 2016

Wild Dog

What part of "he clasped me tightly to his bosom and told me I was loved" do you both not understand?! Whether awake or in a dream, John Kasich would never lie to me!

Wild Dog

John Kasich just won the Ohio primary. It's all coming to pass, soon a golden age will be ushered in. And, as a nation, we shall all suckle from his nourishing teet.

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