Thinking of getting a carry permit


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Madison resident here. I have been considering doing this for some time, and with all of the nut jobs running around shooting people, I believe it is time to arm myself against the possibility someone next to me in the checkout line will start wigging out and letting bullets fly. I am not interested in looking for a fight, but if one finds me, and I don't have an out, at least I can ensure I have a good chance of winning.

I am quite experienced with the shotguns and rifles that I hunt with, but it dawned on me last night when I was thinking about doing this that I have NEVER pulled the trigger on a handgun. I never really had access to one. And I really do not know much about which would best suit me, though I believe it is in my best interest to try some out.

So anyway, here's me saying HEY to all of you on here, and maybe I will see some of you shooting at Turcotte sometime soon.

One question - anyone here know a place where I might be able to try out several different brands or calibers?


Wife just walked through and told me that there was a gunman on Miss State campus today. Geez, I feel even more motivated now, and she is now urging me to get one. May "pull the trigger" on the application tomorrow.
Go for it. But, make sure you take a good NRA course first and maybe an advanced course also. Carrying has a lot of responsibilities. It is not just putting on a gun and putting a shirt or coat over it. Concealed means concealed and no one should know you are carrying. Good luck and God Bless.

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