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Asking everyones oppinions on something. I already have 2 rifles in 223 cal. One a mini 14 that I have had for about 30 or more years and a
Bushmaster. I am thinking of adding something with a little more punch. I have considered something in 308 like the Springfield, FNC, etc. The problem is they are pretty high dollar. 1 to 2 thousand dollars. I have the chance to buy a new Ruger Mini 30, 7.69x33 for under $600. Perhaps not quite as good a gun but could get 3 for about the price of one of the others. What do you think?

As most you will no doubt note the cal. on my post should have read 7.62x39 not 33. Need to start proofing my threads better.
As I understand, Russians are the best.
Chinese are probably second, and Romanian, Yugo, Bulgarian, etc. are lower end. My brother picked up a used Romanian for $300 with a few hi-cap mags, and a dragunov stock. Parts are very plentiful. You can customize them like crazy. And of course, I don't need to mention the respect behind the AK-47.

Check out and for parts. And of course.

Check this out. How an AK works, (slow motion computer animation)
YouTube - how ak47 works

This guy puts his AK to an endurance challenge
YouTube - Burning AK47 - 300 Rounds & on Fire
An Ak is not a bad idea. I have one on my wish list right after a nice tactical 12 gauge. It sounds like you have a couple nice semi auto rifles so you may consider a nice precision bolt action. Maybe a heavy barrel Remington 700 or a Savage in 308.

Or maybe an SKS?

So many choices! Lol
Yeah, I was also thinking after I get my AK, I should get a 7mm bolt action rifle with a big ass scope on it. My 30-06 works fine for whitetail and elk and such, but a 7mm really kicks both shooter and target in the pants. Savage does make a nice hunting rifle for a good price, HK4U.

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