Thinking about rejoining.

The bottom line is that the Army will damn near take anyone.

I had 6 or 7 former Marines in my company. Most were good NCOs.

I also got new Soldiers who had never passed Army PT test or Height and Weight. Even more disturbing is that I had a 4 time convicted felon let in who was illegally recruited by his Army recruiter right out of juvenille detention and without his parent's aprroval since he was 17. Of course the wonderful world of FBGA didn't help us there either. I shouldn't even cover the guys we got who should have never passed Medical...a guy with extreme asthma, a broken back, and one with a chronic nonfunctioning shoulder...
Oh wait, I almost forgot about the soldier I had who could not read or write English and it was basically found out that a ringer had taken his tests for him...and the recruiter knew. I had Ft Jackson to thank for that one. He actually turned out to be a great Soldier, but I imagine his Army career will be quite limited.

Recruiters might tell you what the "standard" is for scores, but they know the way around any standard. Waivers are for almost anything and if that doesn't work, then a little corruption will get the job done.

The GWOT has lowered almost every standard out there. The pressure has increased to fill units and have them trained for combat. I am hoping once the war dies down that we go back to the Army of Standards instead of one focused on numbers and bare minimum performance.

As a former USMC NCO/Grunt, listen to me - DO NOT GO BACK IN! You already did your part. I cant speak for the Army, but I know a lot of my friends stayed in the Marines or went back in after 4 years in the IRR and they tell me its just not the same as it was when we were 19.

Everyone misses the good times when we get out- getting sloppy drunk in the barracks, hazing the new guys @ 2am, that stripper we snuck on base, spending all our money in Tijuana, ect. But thats overshadowed by all the B.S. - being hazed AS a new guy @ 2am, those drunken monday morning PT runs, the Idiots who outranked you, 20mi humps in 29 July, powdered eggs from the chow hall, those wonderful experiences form the war, the list goes on and on and on.......

Dont get me wrong, Im glad I did my duty, and that I am still in contact w/ my war buds, but Im tellin you once your back in you'll miss the little things.

But it looks like your mind is made so Good Luck Brother!
K 3/7
Working for Obama

You wouldn't be working FOR Obama, you would be working for the American People, WITH Obama. If the oath of service changes so that you swear allegiance to Obama, THEN I'd have second thoughts...

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