THIN 9mm

No laughing.

For what it's worth, I considered the KT p-9 and about 15 other
options for frequent concealed carry, for myself and the wife.

It was a long and painful process before I reluctantly settled on
the KT p-32, with important mods made for handling and reliability.

I know the reasons why not, from the wimpy 32acp to issues with KT.
But in the end, the goal is to live with a gun every day, and have
it hit the target without much bullet wobble, have 14 rounds on me,
have it fire reliably, and know precisely when the gun is empty.

Each time I tried to choose something else, I hit a snag.
Not price; just function for my purposes.
I don't need a man stopper; but I need the other things.

Would have chosen KT p-9.

I was close to going with a 9mm, and it would have been the KT p-9,
largely due to its low weight. The p-11 is an older design, and is wider.

Keltec P-32 operation diagrams can be useful
for P-3AT & P-9 Keltecs, and for diagnosing problems.

I have modified some P-32 diagrams to help in
understanding of trigger, hammer, and firing pin
issues, and they are in the file p32 sequence r3.jpg at:

Corrections are welcome.
You can use it for whatever you want.
I don't need a man stopper; but I need the other things.

I have to ask ... if you don't need a man stopper, exactly WHY are you carrying ??

Other than self defense, I do not know of a legitimate reason for civilian concealed carry with the exception perhaps of sportsman or field protection from wild criters and then .32 would not usually be first choice.

You need 14 rounds on you but don't need to it stop a man? Are you planning a shootout?
I'm with Sambo42xa I carry a KEL TEC P11 9mm 10 rounds and I found the best way to carry it is in my front right bluejeans pocket.
I have a FOBUS holster, but even with a jacket on it is exposed alot.
Now I just stick in my pocket and forget about it, I'm not constantly worried if it's showing or not.
I just got a Springfiel Armory 9mm XDm, great shooter but a little bigger than I like to carry.
Convenience v. power.

Depends on meaning of "man-stopper".
Usually they are 300+ ft-lb jhp.
1 hit in torso = man down.

For a p-32 fmj, 2 hits in torso = attack ends;
dog or man either dying or needing assistance, and I still
have a 2+ rounds in mag. I can live with the odds (or die trying).

I think more folks should cc while in their home and yard,
particularly in a "curtilage" zone where some law presumes intrusion.
I can live with a p-32 every hot muggy day; a p-9 is not so easy
(and the p3at is 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag).

The p-9 is a good choice, if prepped for reliability and fully tested.
Thin, light, and functional. Its low cost is secondary (unless the
economy has one on the ropes already).
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I looked at the Walther PPS in 9mm & .40 SW. They are thin and I'm seriously thinking about buying the .40. I've got to do some heavy thinking on this one.
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I would recommend the Walther PPS (the PPS in 9mm and .40 have the exact same dimensions, so there's really no need to call it a "PPS9"). I have found this weapon to be very comfortable and concealable. It is so thin that if feels like I'm wearing an empty holster in comparison to most carry guns I've used. It's deadly accurate and has very little felt recoil, even in .40 with its small frame.
The P-11 is not that thin as it uses a double stack magazines. The polymer grip frame does help somewhat.

My vote; S&W CS9 or 3913(NL)/LS. I have a pair of the 3913s that use the Ladysmith narrow slide and frame but do not have Ladysmith engraved on it. SIG-Sauer P-239. The P-225 isn't made anymore you can get factory certified pre-owned ones though. The P-225 is just a single stack magazine version of the P-228.
They don't make them anymore, but my Dad's got a Firestar M43 in 9mm. It's pretty small and thin and holds 7+1 in a single stack.
Well, I did it! Bought today the KelTec PF9 for under $300. . Fired two mags through it off of my deck out back. Came with only one magazine but I ordered an extra which will be in this thursday at the store. Magazine holds only 7 rounds. I could not get 7 rounds in just yet only 6. VERY tight.
Gun shop had a RUGER 380 (don't remember the model#) that was even smaller then the 9 for an extra $35. but I told him I was more interseted in the 9mm.
I made the RIGHT choice for what I wanted and now I'm the new owner of a KelTec PF9. :dance3:

Good for you! Congrats and welcome to the KelTec family. You bought a great gun IMO.

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