The White House Bed


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The White House Bed

One night, Obama is tossing restlessly in his White House bed. He awakens to see George Washington standing by him. Barack asks him, "George, what's the best thing I can do to help the country?"

"Set an honest and honorable example, just as I did," Washington advises, then fades away.

The next night, Obama is astir again, and sees the ghost of Thomas Jefferson moving through the darkened bedroom. Obama calls out, "Tom, please! What is the best thing I could do to help the country?"

"Respect the Constitution, like I did," Jefferson advises, and dims from sight.

Barack isn't sleeping well the third night when he sees another figure moving in the shadows. It is Abraham Lincoln's ghost. "Abe, what is the best thing I can do right now, to help the country?” Obama pleads.

Abe replies: "Go see a play".


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Gosh I hope he doesn't go see a play. The thought of President Biden doesn't set well with me. I would much rather he announce he will not seek a second term as President.


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That's funny!

And actually, on something like that, the Secret Service can sit and spin. The feds already lost one case against a man they claimed was threatening to kill the president, but never actually came out and literally said, "I'm going to kill the President of the United States and this is how I'm going to do it." Saying something tangential, like, "I wish someone would kill the President, not necessarily myself." isn't sufficient.

Which is not to say some Secret Service agent, low on the totem pole, with nothing meaningful on his plate, would not be tasked with investigating this thread to keep him busy for a day. But, without a credible threat, any possible prosecution would be false and actionable against the government.


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That is definately a threat that the secret service must, by law, investigate.

Good luck with that.

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Cathy has it right and those of you who are saying that its a credible threat dont know what your talking about. Go read some case law and get back to us.

Funny JOKE btw lol.


Great laugh, president could not qualify for his own secret service detail with his political leanings and associations. Would not wish to be on his detail trying to protect him tough job, just wondering who vetted him.

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