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My son lives in Nebraska which is not a really gun friendly state. Hewent tho the range with a friend and fired a Walther P22. As a result of his "review" I decided to get one. It is a sweet looking little pistol. I found, however, that it is particular in its taste for ammo. The first time I fired it with "standard" 22 cal LR ammo of the Remington flavor. It did not like the rounds and would malfunction with depressing regularity. I did a little research and decided to try the Remington Yellow Jacket rounds. I am happy to report that it fired with no problems at all. Apparently this little pistol like hot rounds like the Viper, Yellow Jacket and Stinger types.

It was a delight to shoot today. I will feed it with only the finest cuisine from now on.

Have a great day!

I didn't see any pictures.

How can you torture us by telling us about a new gun, and not providing a photo?
I am photo challenged. I have read the help files, sized pics according to the requirements and I always get the "upload failed" message.
Walther P-22 Picture

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I am on a roll now! I am gonna work on sizing the pics. Now I have something to do all day!
A friend of mine owns a P22. After a few hundred rounds through the barrel, you shouldn't have any problem with "cool" rounds. Fortunately, .22LR is cheap in most flavors...

You can also change the recoil springs. My friend replaced his and shoots .22-Short and even subsonic rounds.
I love/hate mine. Lots of both. P2 2is a fun gun when everything is going right. When it goes wrong:
-horrible ejection pattern. About 25% of the brass comes back at my face. For larger chested women, burned boobs are bound to happen. 3 times with 3 women I have witnessed the burned booby dance.
-Broken hammer springs. Twice. I hate that they break, and it always seems to happen early in the day, not at the end. To Walther/S&W's credit, they replaced the springs without question even out of wartranty.
-BROKEN SLIDE! In November 2007 my slide cracked. The crack grew up both sides of the slide, near the muzzle, right behind the recoil lug. Again, Walther/S&W repaired this for free, shipping included and turned it around within 2 weeks.

Accuracy of this pistol (3.5" barrel) is poor compared to more expensive .22's

My experience has been mixed. However, I have gotten a lot of use out of this pistol (+20k) and it really owes me nothing. I would recommend looking at a Ruger Mark III or a S&W 22A. Both are much more accurate and not much different in price.

Thanks Matt. I will keep and eye on things. Speaking of hot brass, I was at the range shooting a Ruger 10/22 when one of the spent brass landed on my right ear and stayed. It fell right where my glasses rested on my ear. That was a first for me. I can imagine the "hot brass dance" from one down the shirt.:laugh:
I have both the Ruger Mk II with Bull bbl on it for target plinking AND the Walther P22:

The Ruger Mk II with Bull barrel (I would not buy it otherwise) in stainless steel is a wonderful gun. We actually have five or six of them and use them when we are taking friends to the range or for Scouts days, etc. They just never disappoint and are pretty accurate. And easy to operate.

As far as the Walther P22 is concerned... it is pretty much the same EXCEPT YOU MUST HAVE THE RIGHT MAGAZINES FOR IT. There were some issues with the earlier magazines and the later magazines resolved the issue totally. The issue was misfeeds. I no longer have ANY problems with my P22 and love it to pieces. It is a great gun for the range but certainly NOT for self defense or anything else. It is a range gun.

Hope this helps. If I were out buying .22 handguns again (and I have a few others as well) I would buy my Ruger Mk II in Stainless Steel with BULL barrel first, closely followed by my Walther P22. Like I say, they are both a joy to shoot.

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