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Went to the mailbox today and found an envelope from SLED. Inside was a brand new shiny CWP with a picture of a guy that looked just like me. It took 69 days from the day SLED received my application. My M&P is very excited to finally get out and see what it has been missing.

Just out of curiousity... is the picture on the card the one you sent with the application or the one on your D.L.?
Picture and Signature are the same as my DL. The height/weight seem to be from the DL also. I had listed a different weight on my CWP application. They used the one from my DL
u guys are lucky, up here in ny we have to get a ccw just to buy a handgun. im waitin on mine. could be here anytime soon. the suspense is killin me!!! cant wait
oh yeah, ny and cali are the toughest states. gotta get 4 written recommendations from citizens of your county, take nra course, they wont do back ground check til course is complete and recommendations are mailed back (its about a 4 month wait to get into the course). In my county (saratoga) its about a 2 month turn around once all steps are complete to receive permit. so i should see mine by mid april if all goes well.
Awesome...we have been waiting a bit for ours. We took the class on 02 Feb 2008 and no word yet, but that would cut almost a month off the wait time.

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