The video story on the front section of the site is the exact reason why notification


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laws need changed. And the cops need better training.:angry: The cop is the idiot in the dash cam video. Rookie mistakes by all involved on the police side of the story. If the cops are so worried about their safety, why isn't it more of a problem in states like Florida where you only have to tell the officers if asked, by law. All the cops have to do is check for weapons first. And the driver tried to tell or give his permit to them. All involved should be fired. And if they still want to be cops, made to go thru the academies again at their expense.

I hope the driver sues the heck out of the city for improperly trained cops and the cops for their attitudes including threats of death.

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I did an internet search for more information on this officer and discovered there is at least one more video of this same officer acting in the same disgraceful manner. While the circumstances regarding the reason for the stops differed, there was very little difference in the manner in which this so-called officer conducted himself. The officer is a loose cannon and very dangerous. I cannot fathom how he was allowed to continue on the Canton Police Force after the first incident. I wonder how many other incidents like this he has been involved in? It is police officers like this who scare me more than any criminal ever could.

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