The US has 90 guns for every 100 citizens.



I would have to take that Reuters write up with a grain of salt. The Soviets handed out AK's by the millions, like party favors. Sounds like some anti-gun journalist trying to play the smoke and mirrors game to me. Just my opinion though, and I could be all wet.:laugh:


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4.5 million per year?

Is that all. I think with a little effort we could reach 6 million by the end of 2010. :laugh:


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I would like to see about 90 per person. I am not there yet so I guess I better get busy.:biggrin:
no way

The number seems a bit high. I know that one serious gun guy/girl has enough firearms in his/her safe to arm each person on his block.
However there are not that many gun guys/girls with safes in the US population as a whole.
This is the survey.
Small Arms Survey - Home

This is the graduate institute that conducted the survey.
Its professors scream one word - LIB TARD.

Link Removed

Bottom line, I disagree with the numbers.


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Probably time I patronized my local gun shops again. I'm currently in the market for H&K PM7 9mm. Anyone selling one?


Joke: What I wanna know is what are the other 10 out of 100 people doing for self defense?

Who knows, but I for one certainly respect their right to NOT have a firearm.
And I will show that respect by NOT defending them during a time when they most needed a firearm.

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Well I'm doing my part!:yu: Two weeks ago there was a REALLY good buy on a new Liberty safe at my store. I wanted to get it since mine is almost full already, but my husband said NO because he knows I would fill it...:biggrin: I passed it up only because they will have good deals on Black friday, and by then my safe will be full!

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