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This guy put alot of time and effort into collecting as much reloading data as he could, and putting into one source. Plus, he added thousands of gun manuals in pdf format, ballistics calculator, printable targets, component inventory chart, twist rate calculator, and more. Best part about it is it's FREE. Reloaders' Reference: Files

RRv93x74r.exe is the actual program, you have to install the targets and gun manuals seperately. Enjoy.

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Thanks, I'm downloading them now. There must be a lot of info in them because they are very large files.
Here is what is included in the files.

The Program now includes:

21102 Metallic Cartridge Loads
13577 Shotshell Loads
2816 Cast Bullet Loads
712 Surplus Powder Loads

Powley Calculator
Barsness Calculator
Alloy calculator for casters
Trajectory Calculator
Twist Rate Calc

An inventory system for firearms
with the ability to store photos

metallic Cartridge Reloading inventory

A Complete mold reference including pictures

Powder profiles, burn rates, Grain/CC conversions
Powder charges held by common dippers

Bullet lookup for factory rounds

Factory round ballistics tables

Cartridge Case dimensions and water capacities

720 Firearms manuals

300+ Printable Targets

Ability to modify data tables directly and
add your own data.
Looking for loads for 168gr match king billets ,for 7 mm Rem.Mag. , using IMR 7977 powder . Anything is appreciated !!
May be ultimate for you, but:
1) appears only usable for PC users, thus rather restrictive to me
2) did he get permission from all copyright owners> Seems to exceed "fair use" terms and intellectual property right laws.

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