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In addressing the needs for Concealed Carry, we must not forget the possibility (likelihood?) of having to confront the Messengers of Terrorism on our own turf. In light of this, here is a map of the Flights of 9/11 and what they wrought . . . lest we forget.

This is awesome to watch - truly amazing. I often wonder why air traffic control did not see a major red flag when they saw all of these planes veering off their flight plan at the same time.

I have never seen this before. Note that the two jets that hit the World Trade Center actually crossed paths enroute.

Click on the arrows in the right column to the left of each flight. The one that shows them all in action simultaneously is most interesting. It reveals how well the plan had been developed, barring departure delays.

I wonder if the original plan was to have them all strike their targets at the same time?

And they did it all with U.S. aircraft, US flight schools, and a few box cutters.

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Let's hope we've learned our lessons. I don't think so, but I hope.


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Now that was very interesting, I'd not known such a site was out there.


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Good site. For most it will remind them of the threats that are still out there. For others they have already forgot about the past and naively think that it couldn't happen again. Lets face it...Patriotism is already a bad word to these idiots!


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Very interesting to watch, but it made my mind wander back to the horror of that day which seems so long ago, but really isn't. Our minds, with the help of time, sort of mitigates the horror of such things - but we should never forget, ever! Never forget the horror of that day and the heroes who responded,the innocents that died and the folks on United Airlines flight 93 who gave their lives so others might live.


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i remember....

that day all too well. i was still working in corporate security then and when it happenend...... our fax machine went nuts. we got messages from all the govt. agencies we had partnered with, local law enforcement, you name it. by the time i got back to the main office we had a stack of emergency flashes about 2 inches thick. we didn't know wha to expect. we double checked our weapons{ we all had oc, some had guns some had both} and we hunkered down and dug in. it was a VERY LONG, VERY BAD DAY.


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ATC didn't know what was going on because the terrorists turned off the transponders in their planes. Amongst a radar screen with hundreds of blips, it's hard to notice when four ID tags disappear.

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