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Being somewhat of a spectator of humanity, I've been trying to figure out why people would choose to not participate in their own safety. What would it be about a person that would cause them to choose to do nothing rather than take some sort of defensive position when they go out in the world...if not by carrying a firearm, at least by carrying some sort of knife or something. So many people do absolutely nothing in the way of preparation for what's becoming a more and more frequent event - the havoc and mayhem created by a madman bent on making, at last, a name for himself or getting some kind of imaginary revenge by taking it out on innocent "others".

I have decided that the fault probably lies with Supermarkets.

The supermarket has provided us with the ability to have all the meat we want, and all the produce we can afford, without the need to get our hands dirty in making it available. We find that we can hire someone...a slaughter the fatted calf and wrap it up all nice and neat for us, so we can take it home and enjoy it at our leisure, and, LOOK...!! No blood on my hands! No mess! No fatted calf guts! I can eat the pig, but I don't have to get involved in the process of killing the pig. My hands are clean, and I remain unsullied by not-nice-ness.

I believe it is this mentality that pervades the country, at least among those who eschew the idea of carrying for personal protection. They don't have to participate in the process...don't have to get their hands dirty or appear to their peers (or themselves!) that they might be prepared to take a life or hurt someone for any reason whatsoever. They get to remain "nice". That's why we hire the police...our personal bodyguards who will "serve and protect" without us needing to get involved. I remain pure and unsullied...I have my minion to take care of that bit of not-nice-ness...and I am still without guilt. Pontius Pilates of crime.

Whaddaya think...? This thesis have any merit?


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WOW....quite an unconventional statement, yet, how true! As a hunter (having had to kill, clean, and cook my game), I have developed an appreciation for life, as well as those lives that sustain mine. I think you've hit the nail on the head, supported by the fact that I'm sure many people on this forum are also hunters.

The strange thing is, though, is that most of the "conservationists" and "environmentalists" out there know nothing of actually conserving the environment!? They sit in their "green" cars, eating their "organic" food, yet have never lifted a finger to protect their precious environment. I read an article recently saying that hunters and outdoorsmen are not only more likely to appreciate the wild, but more likely to support and nurture it. The licensing fees alone that hunters have to pay is something around 10 x's more than the non-hunter will pay to support the environment. I'll gurantee you that those of us actually spending time in the wilderness are much more likely to appreciate it than some armchair hippie complaining about "global warming", corporations, or litter. Thanks for the thoughts, Ektarr....


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Hmmm, okay

so we all get 40 acres and a mule, then move out and start growing our own potatoes and corn? A small pig pen on the side? A dairy cow in the shed?

Don't get me wrong, either of you. I agree with the thought process. I remember slaughtering hogs on the family farm outside of Jackson, TN about 40+ years ago. We used to get ears of corn from our family fields for our dinner table. How many of the later generations have this experience? I got my two sons to participate in scouts and do some fishing, but never was able to get them into hunting. Seems soccer, computer games, cruise vacations, etc. got in the way. It is the maturing of a society/culture.

Be flexible. Analyze the new environment. Adapt. Improvise. Overcome resistance. (Jeez, I sound like Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge...sheesh!) Work on education. Take a buddy, co-worker, girlfriend, spouse, your kids, whatever, to the range with you this weekend. Then take them hunting next season (after you train them or get them trained). In the end, all we can do is all we can do.


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The thread does raise a basic question of why there seems to be a gross lack of personal effort towards self defense. The "clean hands" part is no doubt part of it, as most people never get into the nitty-gritty of actual food production or preparation for the public (I have). Another aspect is that children are (hopefully) raised to respect law enforcement, and to feel that the local cop is the one to resolve whatever threat problem may arise (the old "Serve & Protect" - not true!). Something else that raises its' ugly head is the "Guns are Bad; Guns are Evil; Guns are only for Killing" ad nauseum. With that drilled into children (thanks government schools!) and adults, who wants to confess to carrying a gun (yuck). An interestling dip into the troubled waters of psychology (or is it mass hysteria?).:confused:


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Self defence, self reliant living? In a day when many Americans have come to believe that Big Brother is there and should be there to provide for our every need few have the will or know how to do anything for themselves.

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