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Well till someone else shows up, I'll start......

I live in Laurel, belong to the Goddard Gun Club, and when I get time shoot at the AGC range and sometimes OnTarget near Ft. Meade.


Hi Rick,

I'm in Gambrills. Shoot at On Target also, and occasionally make the trip up to Elk Neck to shoot my rifles. I recently got back into skeet and got my sons involved also. My wife and daughter are also interested in skeet shooting but I haven't got them to the range yes. We shoot at PG Co. range.

- Don
New here.

Hello, Im down on the eastern shore, do some competition, mostly benchrest, but do have a lot of interest in handguns. Maryland does little to aid the individuals use. rogn
Welcome Rogn. I haven't shot competition since I was in the Navy about 20 years ago. We shot pistols - Standard "A" course. I've been looking at getting into IDPA.
Hello fellow Marylanders! I'm from Rising Sun, I shoot at Elk Neck also. Nice to meet everyone.
I used to live in Hagerstown, but after living in Nevada for a while, I am now in Falls Church.....Poor
poor "Pro-gun laws" in Maryland......

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