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A couple of weeks ago, I posted a thread on America's most gun friendly states. Today, I decided that I wanted to post a thread on America's most gun unfriendly places. A wide variety of factors went into my choices for the list, not just whether or not a state has concealed carry laws(which is why you will not see Wisconsin on this list; at least Wisconsin allows open carry and is hunter friendly).

9. Rhode Island: May issue, and requires handgun buyers to have safety training before they can obtain a purchase permit. Statutorally, the state is shall issue, but many sheriffs nevertheless refuse to issue permits to applicants who meet all the criteria set forth in the law.
8. Maryland: Not as bad as some of the other states on this list, but nevertheless, assault weapons and magazines holding more than fifteen rounds are banned. Also, the state is may issue and clearly is arbitrary and capricious with regard to the issuance of carry permits.

7. Illinois: In Illinois, one must obtain a Firearm Owner's Identification Card before being able to purchase a firearm or ammunition. Not only are Illinois residents not allowed to carry handguns outside their homes or businesses, but in Skokie, a suburb of Chicago, all firearm ownership (yes both handguns and long guns) is banned. Chicago, Evanston, Oak Park, Winnetka, Wilmette, Highland Park, and Morton Grove all ban handguns. It is so bad that back in 2004, Wilmette resident Hale DeMar, after shooting a man who broke into his home with his handgun, was fined $750 and had his handgun confiscated for violating the village ordinance against handgun possession. As if that weren't enough, the sheeple of Chicago, despite paying the highest sales taxes in the country (11%), keep electing Mayor Richard Daley, who, with the help of Cook County Board President Todd Stroger not only taxes Chicagoans to death, but also who, on more than one occasion, has stated his desire to have guns banned for everyone except for military and law enforcement personnel. He also tried unsuccessfully, at taxpayers' expense, to establish a 100-mile gun free zone around Chicago, which would have encompassed parts of Indiana and Wisconsin as well. As if all this weren't enough, Gov. Rod Blagojevich just signed a bill requiring private collectors to conduct background checks on buyers at gun shows. At least Illinois gun owners outside of Cook County can take some comfort in knowing that they don't have to register their guns with the state. At least they can always move to either Indiana or Missouri.

6. Massachussetts: What else is there to say about a state where the people keep electing John Kerry and Ted Kennedy to represent them? No one can purchase a firearm of any kind unless they first obtain permission from Massa(chussetts) in the form of a permit obtained by filling out a mountain of paperwork. Assault weapons are banned and only after filling out the paperwork for a class A license is anyone allowed to possess handguns or large capacity magazines. It is so bad that Glocks are not on the list of handguns approved to be sold there; Glock has had to produce "Massachussetts compliant" guns in order to do business in this god awful people's republic. If all this makes your head spin, move to either New Hampshire or Vermont.

5. New York: Much like Chicago in Illinois, having New York City, Chuck Schumer, and Hillary Clinton makes the rest of New York look worse than it really is. Depending on the county in which one resides it can be either very easy or nearly impossible to obtain a carry permit. However, no matter where one lives in New York, they must obtain a permit to purchase a handgun, which can take up to six months to acquire. And, if you have a LTC, you better make sure that the gun or guns you choose to carry are guns that you have registered with the state in your name, because if they're not, you'll be charged with illegal possession of a firearm. Don't even think about applying for a permit in NYC unless you are rich and politically connected because you WILL be rejected for insufficient need. It is so bad that the NYPD has refused to issue to applicants who they were supposed to issue licenses to by court order. At least Pennsylvania and Vermont are nearby.

4. California: Al Doyle said it best: No list of anti-Second Amendment places would be complete without this cancer on the body of liberty. Besides being required to register handguns and assault weapons with the state, freedom loving Californians cannot possess ammunition magazines that hold more than ten rounds, can only purchase guns approved by the state as "safe," and have the misfortune of having Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer as their U.S. senators. Furthermore, despite the failures of handgun bans in Chicago and Washington, D.C., San Francisco's voters approved a ban on handguns in 2005; fortunately common sense prevailed at the state Supreme Court and the ban was overturned in 2006. Other measures that have been proposed include a bill that would require all ammunition sold in the state to have serial numbers stamped on the shell casings; anyone found to be in possession of ammunition that did not have the markings would have been prosecuted. Another would have required all handguns sold in the state to stamp a serial number onto shell casings as bullets are fired; any handgun that did not have the serial number stamper would be considered "unsafe" and thus, illegal. Freedom loving Californians would rid themselves of a major headache by packing up and moving to either Arizona or Nevada, both of which are nearby.

3. Hawaii: Despite being classified as a may issue state, Hawaii is a de facto no issue state (in fact, only one person, a police department civilian worker, is known to have ever received one). All handguns must be registered, and assault weapons and magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds are banned. Furthermore, a permit must be acquired in order to purchase a handgun, and only after the permittee has undergone safety training. Firearms can only be carried in one's vehicle between the following points: one's home, a gun store from where a firearm is purchased, a gun range, moving to another residence, and a gun repair shop. Furhermore, only the most direct route between the points can be taken. If you want warm weather, while at the same time keeping your freedom, move to either Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, or Florida.

2. New Jersey: Even though New Jersey is classified as a may issue state, in reality, if you are not a retired police officer, it is a de facto no issue state (Nearly all of the 3,000 or so active handgun carry permits in the state, which has a population of over 8 million, are held by retired police officers). Furthermore, assault weapons and magazines capable of of holding more than fifteen rounds are banned. Class III and NFA weapons are virtually impossible to acquire unless the purchaser is wealthy or politically connected. Not only must handguns be registered, but they cannot even be purchased unless the purchaser has first gone to the police station to obtain a handgun purchase permit. Also, anyone who is going to or from a shooting range can only keep their guns unloaded and separated from the ammunition in the trunks of their vehicles, and is only allowed to take the most direct route between the two places; miscellaneous stops, such as to a restaurant, are forbidden and can get you in trouble (therefore, riding around with an unloaded and inaccessible handgun in the trunk while stopping to get something to eat will land you in a heap of trouble). Finally, even though nothing prohibits the possession of hollow point ammunition, the use of it by anyone besides police officers is prohibited. For freedom lovers, at least Pennsylvania is nearby.

1. Washington, D.C.: D.C. is the only one on this list that is not a state, but D.C. has America's worst gun laws by far. Handgun ownership is banned there (Try telling that to the gangbangers who own and carry them). Not only that, but shotguns and rifles must be registered and stored in the home unloaded and either disassembled or fitted with a trigger lock. Ammunition sales are only allowed if the buyer is able to present a registration certificate as proof of ownership for a weapon of the same caliber; therefore if you want to buy 12 gauge shotgun ammo, but are not the registered owner of a 12 gauge weapon, then guess what; you cannot buy the ammo. Also, ammo must be registered; possession of unregistered ammunition in D.C. is a crime punishable by jail time. You can forget about Class III and NFA weapons here; not only are those illegal, but so too are "machine guns" (defined under D.C. code as any gun that can shoot 12 rounds or more without reloading) and "sawed-off" shotguns (defined under D.C. code as any shotgun with a barrel under 20 inches in length). Finally, even pepper spray, which was only legalized a few years ago, must be registered there. For freedom lovers, thank goodness Virginia is nearby.

As of now (12/21) the unconstitutional, ass-backward, Communist state of New Jersey only allows 10 round magazines; and, yes, nowadays me and my standard capacity semi-automatics; and exceedingly evil, black, TACTICAL rifles are all living together happily, here, in Pennsylvania.

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