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I actually knew all this already. Read this article and say what you think.

Remember, this man is a former governor of Massachussetts, the most liberal state in America; all 12 members of the congressional delegation are democrats, both houses of the state legislature are controlled by supermajorities of democrats, and now too, so is the governor's mansion. Also, in 2004, every single county in Massachussetts went Democratic in the presidential election. Seems to me that he's just a Democrat trying to wrap himself in Republican clothing.


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Yeah, but he's got real pretty hair. Another couple of years, and he'll look pretty tough. The sliver "wings" above his ears will almost make him look like Paulie from the Sopranos. Have a little plastic surgery to stick that bottom lip out, and he'll give the terrorists a run for their money, just on looks alone.


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Why am I not surprised a politician keeps changing his mind. I will admit over the last 10 years I have changed my mind slightly on a few issues. People do, at times, realize what they supported was wrong. However, a true realization does not involve going back and forth to gain the approval of the person to whom you speak. Long story short, he appears to say whatever he thinks people want to hear, then do whatever he thinks will benefit him.


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More information

Why would anyone think he might flip flop his ideas?

By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer Fri Nov 9, 8:01 PM ET

ATKINSON, N.H. - Republican Mitt Romney tried to link rivals Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday, suggesting the two share a "sanctuary state of mind" when it comes to illegal immigration.

First in a new TV ad and then on the stump, the former Massachusetts governor accused Clinton, a Democratic senator from New York, of favoring amnesty for the more than 10 million illegal immigrants already in the country. He also criticized Giuliani, a fellow Republican, for encouraging illegal immigration by discouraging their prosecution while he was mayor of New York.

"I think that sanctuary state of mind has to end in this country," Romney said after speaking to voters at a local farmstand. He suggested retracting federal funding for cities that harbor illegal immigrants and for states that provide driver's licenses and in-state tuition rates for their children.

"If I'm president we're going to use the power of the federal purse to make sure that as a nation we follow the rule of law," he added.

Romney has also proposed bolstering border fence patrols and imposing tax penalties on employers who hire illegal aliens after creation of an employment eligibility card.

In a new ad that started airing Friday in the lead primary state, Romney singled out Clinton, saying she and the Democrats "have it wrong on illegal immigration." But he also left open the possibility he may target Giuliani's record in follow-up ads.

"There may be a time when there's more contrast in ads, positions between myself and others, but at this stage, I'm just trying to make sure people know what my positions are and perhaps down the road, we'll get a better chance to do that," Romney said.

In a statement, the Giuliani campaign highlighted the former mayor's anti-crime record. Giuliani himself has said that he discouraged rounding up illegal immigrants so they would feel free to report crime, which contributed to the city's safety improvement.

Giuliani aides also suggested that at least three Massachusetts cities offered sanctuary to illegals while Romney was governor.

"Romney's being a hypocrite on this issue," said a statement from Somerville, Mass., Mayor Joseph Curtatone, who lives in one such city. "I did not receive any mandate, any communication, anything at all from him about this. If it's so important to him, why didn't he have the State Police enforcing it?"

Phil Singer, a spokesman for Clinton, responded to Romney's criticism: "Considering how often he flip-flops, we wouldn't be surprised if Gov. Romney later decides he's for sanctuary cities — again."

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He's a politician so it's to be expected. Even Obama is trying to come out pro 2A as shown here:

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This is why I try to research actual voting records on the politicians I'm interested in. They can change what they say but not how they voted.


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Mitt Romney - Second Amendment Sell-Out.

Yes, Romney is a flip-flopping, waffle man...
Additionally, ALL the democrats have a record of selling us out on the second amendment; as have the following republicans:
Rudy Giuliani.
Mitt Romney.
John McCain.
Fred Thompson.

AND Mitt Romney signed into law an assault weapons ban, nearly identical to the one that sunset in 1994 and he has several times this year alone stated he will bring back the federal assault weapons ban if elected president.

In my opinion, Mike Huckabee is the most authentic, consistent, compassionate, republican running.
Not withstanding his 100% perfect record of supporting the second amendment, and he is the only canidate running in any party that has a CCW permit.
Moreover, he has more executive experience actually running a government then any canidate in any party running.

Which canidate running in any party can beat the Clinton Political Machine?
Mike Huckabee is the only canidate in any party that as faced the Clinton Political Machine and defeated them soundly every time; 4 times in all, despite the fact that the Clinton's obviously out spent him in excess of 100 to 1.

What canidate has the least experience?
Barack Hussein Obama.

What canidate has the most experience?
Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee on the issues and policies:


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Mitt Rommey, and John Kerry both look more like poster boys for a high priced hair salon. Than they do for candidates for president.:)

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