The PRCA is at it again


Thank God I'm alive!
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a thread on America's most gun unfriendly places Link Removed

As all of you probably remember, California was on the list, and I mentioned that legislation to require all guns sold in the state to have microstamping technology was under consideration. Well, it has now been signed into law by PRCA governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Read more about it here:

I sure hope this stops in California. Maybe the real United States of America will have enough sense not to adopt this policy. We can all hope. Sorry California people.
we have kin folk in CA and the wife always wants to go there and visit far as I am concerned, they can come and visit me here as I have NO desire to go to CA anyway..besides, I am pretty sure that I don't have the right color bandana anyway!

Sorry news indeed about the anti 2nd amendment sentiment coming from the great state of California. My sympathy goes out to all the legal law abiding residents of California that will suffer as a result of Arnold.:(

What gun companies have this technology? Will they be able to just make new firing pins to comply?

The market for milsurp collectors in CA just dropped off the cliff, I think.
I don't think it will be hard to do just expensive. And how on firing pin inside chamber. Will it change with ever shot fired .I think we should Arnold sign them all.
I do believe the micro-stamping is for semi-auto HANDGUNS only.

It will not take effect until 2010. There are also many other issues that need to be resolved before the law can take effect.

Yes I am bummed the Gov. signed it into law. My vote is just not enough to change things in this state.

Just a stupid law passd by a very liberal legislature that deals with emotions rather than fact.

spc :(
I don't think this can be laid soley at the door of the govinator. There were a lot of state legistators and left wing anti-2nd amendment groups involved here. But Arnold could have, but did not, stop them in their tracks.:mad:. Due to the recent fires there will be another influx of Kalifornicators to Nevada I just hope the anti-2nd amendment ones stay home.

Hopefully other states won`t try and follow suit on this microstamping nonsense.The other question is with california being the only state to have this microstamping deal,do the gun manufacturers make up the new firing pins just for california and the other states still have the regular firing pins?Does the cost of manufacturing these new firing pins raise the price of handguns sold to dealers and people in california or are we all going to feel the sting with increased prices on semi auto handguns?I just don`t see all these gun manufacturers making new firing pins for just one state.Arnold,what have you done?????:confused:
Can't forensics folks already match a cartridge to the weapon by the firing pin dent? Microstamping will just cost MFR's more money, or they will stop shipping guns to CA. BG's already know how to file off a serial #, who says they can't do the same to the firing pin? Retarded.
I was born and raised out in California, and regret to say I actually voted for the Governator. I am now comfortably a permanent Virginia resident. I though it was too liberal out there a few years ago, but I'm glad I got out while I could...
30 seconds and a piece of crocus cloth and that microstamp is history, thereby rendering the whole concept bull****. Same as with the "Smart Gun" legislation here in New Jersey: If this crap is such a good idea why isn't Law Enforcement lining up to be the first to benefit from it, instead of demanding that they be exempt?
I too am an ex-patriot Californian. I live in Kansas now, maybe I can return to California when the revolution happens and throws all the commies out. But then, I'll probably have to learn to SCUBA by then.
We left in 1992. The Demonrats ran me out of the state where I was born and had lived all my life. Now I regard it as a Communist country. View it as a cautionary tale. They're Democrats, and that's what they do, like scorpions sting.
i understand

that a mfg now refuses to do business of any kind in/ california . too bad for LAPD SWAT. this guy makes their weapons . i think it is Barrett's Firearms
that a mfg now refuses to do business of any kind in/ california . too bad for LAPD SWAT. this guy makes their weapons . i think it is Barrett's Firearms

Correct, it is Barrett. As I understand, he refuses to even work on the weapons owned by law enforcement in CA, much less won't sell to them. Someone corrcet me if I'm wrong, but I believe his rifles cost over $10 grand and are available only to military and law enforcement. LA SWAT apparently shipped one to him for maintenance and he returned it to them without touching it. Nice way to have an expensice .50 cal paper weight.

Also Glock has written letters to CA legislature. Smith has done the same. Search the web and you can read them. Apparently this legislaton will prevent our comrades in Kalifornia from being able to own any semi automatic handguns. That is the purpose I believe. Chicago's lawsuits didn't work, so the antis have resorted to this.
Yes, the legislation was certainly never meant to be be implemented. It's just a way to illegalize guns without illegalizing them. I do hope the 2AF is preparing a test case for the Supreme Court.


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