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The Pope made a trip to America, New York City ot be exact. While there, he was informed of a small yet devout group of Catholics down in south Georgia, so he made special arrangements to be driven there overnight for a quick visit. A single limousine was to carry him directly to the church, and immediately back to his hotel.

Once he was done with his errand, he headed back to New York, but soon told the driver that he had to pee. Unfortunately, they were in the middle of a great forest, with no facilities for miles. The Pope insisted that they pull over to the side of the road. The driver agreed, as he also needed to heed the call of nature.

The Pope then insisted that he be allowed to drive for awhile, so that the driver could get some rest, and he could practice his driving, as the lonely highway was surely a safe place to be. The driver, being a good Catholic, eventually agreed, but insisted that they switch as soon as they came upon other traffic.

Shortly thereafter, the Pope noticed a police officer behind him, so he pulled over. Soon there was a Georgia Deputy Sheriff standing at the window, mirrored aviator glasses reflecting the morning sun, a plug of chew prominent in his cheek.

"Do you know how fast you were going?"

"No, no, I'm afraid I don't."

"Well, you were traveling down this here road more'n 20 miles over the speed limit!"

"My humble apologies, officer, the speed limit is much higher where I live."

"Hey, you're German, yeah, the autobahn and all that. Wait. Shoooot, hold on... I'll be right back!"

The Deputy gets on his car radio and calls for the Sheriff.

"Whatchu got out there, Deputy? I was in a meetin'."

"Sheriff, I done got me a New York City limo pulled over out here, and I think I got me a VIP in that there limo. I'm a feared I don't rightly know what to do!"

"Well, if it's the Governor, you best let him be!"

"No Sir, I reckon this feller is much more powerful than the Governor!"

"Well if it's the President, you best let him be too!"

"Naw, I reckon this feller is much more powerful than even the President!"

"Well dog gone it, who ya got in that limo?"

"I don't rightly know, Sir, but he must be some kinda important , cause he's got the Pope driving for him!"

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