The PERFECT Anti-Gunners AR! This will pass any Pro-Brady person!


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This is the ultimate AR! And this is no joke, it's a real AR-15 spitting 5.56 all day long! See the breakdown pic below. Now The Anti-Gunners will love it, the kids will love it, Hell, even Kalifornia will love it! And it even has it's own designation to set it apart from the evil, black guns: HK-47 (Hello Kitty - 47) We have finally won!!!!



A friend almost bought a similar .22 for my daughter. :-D (She was 3 at the time. I told him to wait a little longer until SHE can decide what she wants.)
I don't think anyone hit on the best benefit of all...who would steal it??? They would think this is your kid's toy gun that you confiscated. You can leave it next to the bedside with no fear that the gang bangers raiding your place will give it a second look.
I'm sure it's a parody. I recall reading a few years ago that the Hello Kitty licensing company will license just about anything - except weapons. There even some Hello Kitty "massagers" out there whose target market is very questionably "juvenile"...

In searching for more info, I did find one "parenting" website that talks about the SHOCK, SHOCK I TELL YOU of seeing a Hello Kitty gun for sale. (Apparently there is a gun shop somewhere that does this on a regular basis.) The article has the laughable idea "I do believe it is fair to say that in general, children are capable of playing with toys that look like weapons without causing any permanent psychological damage. On the flip side though, I can not believe that anyone thinks it is acceptable to make weapons that look like toys."

Really? It always bugged me the people who seem to think that letting kids play at killing each other is JUST FINE, but one exposed breast in a non-sexual setting is EVIL, PURE EVIL! This writer has a problem with "weapons that look like toys", but no problem at all with "toys that look like weapons". Personally, I'd rather let my teenager watch movies with mild sex in them (toplessness, off-screen sex,) than hard-core realistic violence. But then again, I'm also the parent that is frank and open about sex, drugs, and weapons. (Don't. But if you are going to go doing it anyway, getting yourself in trouble, make sure you're safe. And if I catch you doing any, you WILL be in deep trouble.)
Is this hello kitty an actual brand? parody? Are they for sale someplace? was the original producer of this rifle. They now have an AK-47 in the Hello Kitty colors. Contact the site owner if your serious but he seems to be the professional copyright infringer. :cool: also consider his Rainbow Brite reloading setup!

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