The PA PICS Denial waiting game...


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Whats the deal with the PA PICS? I have several permits to carry in different states including my home state and haven't had any police encounters besides the simple traffic stop since I have applied for my first permit years ago.

I decided to go into a PA county sheriffs office that is known for Same Day Issue on 01/17. While I was there, I witnessed same day issue to the applicants in front of me.

I fill out the form and give my Social Security number and a show my out of state drivers license, my home state permit without restrictions, and my other permits. They take them all and make copies.

20 minutes later the return and tell me I was put into "Research" which is a pain in my butt since I am not local.

So anyway about 15 days after that, the Sheriff's Office calls me and informs me I have been denied. So since I have an attorney, I called him and he we discussed my record and he said that I have absolutely nothing even remotely close on my record that would disqualify me and he also said i need to challenge it.

Well I was denied 02/01. I sent my challenge form Registered Mail (not certified) on 02/27 and I know it was received. Apparetly they have 5 days to respond. Its now 03/18 and I have yet to recieve anything from them and I am very frustrated. First they want to deny me then they want to drag their feet on the challenge.

Whats the deal with PICS? Lets get this ball rolling. Anyone else have to deal with this pain in the ass?

Possible you home state did not get back in touch with PA. I have heard that happens often. Or possibly something on you record belongs to someone else, not you. You will need to get your lawyer to get this straight.

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