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A good read. If this guy gets elected may God have Mercy on us.

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Not by my hand.

If you give an angry man a loaded gun and a growing/consuming reason to use it, chances are one day he will, even if he loses his life in that moment of rage.
Arm millions of Americans (and that has already been done) who see the new leader of their nation as a threat to their survival, and you have a movement. Add command, control and communications, study the habits of your prey and one day an opportunity will present itself to take vigilante action. These are just the driving forces that have repeated themselves throughout history from the dispatching of tyrannical Roman Caesars (et tu Brutus?) to the grassy knoll in Dallas, TX, and so many more armed or violent ways that upset groups of citizens or individuals acting on their own personal demons :Image23: break established laws, cross that line into the posse mentality and use violence to remove the person or persons they perceive as a threat to their survival, way of life or social norms. Or the military of that nation removes them in a coup.
A lot of vague words, but posted in the forum where I wonder just how long a President Obama would last? Not by my bullets will he be brought down, but legally by the pen that writes: 'John McCain' into my ballot hoping the American people have not been suckered into actually believing this cameleon of racial ambiguity, religious or personal driving forces, dubious connections/kin and questionable integrity is ready to take the reigns of the most powerful nation on earth, who have been at war with radical Muslims for over 7 years now with no let up in sight. I do not wish or advise any member of USA-Carry to post intent to do anything illegal and slap it up here prior to! DON'T! I just sit here and see possible outcomes to similar bad situations that reach back from the New World of America to the dawn of time in the Old World and the first unpopular rulers whose heads ended up on a spike outside their own earthen fortresses. I am just a cautious wolf stalking the forests of the ever-changing world and wondering who will be be my next meal, a nice tasty rabbit maybe, or if a bigger predator has those same designs upon me and millions like me, a human hunter with a scoped rifle to bring me/us down, or one who can do the same with a simple pen-stroke of veto and it is now law.
A dissertation by a lone-wolf mind-set law-abiding Veteran who does not advocate the rule or actions of the mob, but would not go into the tears most of America cried when my weeping English Mother told me: "A good American leader who was an important decent man had just been gunned down in Texas." At the innocent, under-educated 'do as you are told' age of 7 I wondered what was so important about a president in a land I had not yet even dreamed of emigrating to, yet! Speculation is freedom of speech, but I see dark storm clouds ahead if America ends up regretting the votes they will cast this year and the half-truths & outright lies they maybe bought into as broken promises of a brighter shining future ahead for all, after the real truth and intentions of their newly elected president unfolds, maybe not to their expectations, but utter horror. Or he could be the best guy for the job, after all that's what millions of dissatisfied Germans voted for in 1933 when a firey leader rose to power. Hitler and Obama share some common traits. Neither liked Jews, armed citizens, gays, Catholics, commies, retarded/disabled folks, Gypsies, and Americans either. Vote smart America....

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If you give an angry man a loaded gun and a growing/consuming reason to use it, chances are one day he will...

Y'see Canis--that's what worries me. These government-expansion folks just can't see the seething frustration that is so obvious to many of us. They think that passing laws and calling out slogans will make the world the way they desire. I'm going to do my best to hunker down and defend my own if this cauldron ever boils over. There are times I'm surprised it's taken this long for people to get angry and honest, it distresses me.

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