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Over the last few days, I have been getting a lot of calls that show up on the caller ID as NRA. I ignored the first few, but my wife informed me that they were calling many times a day, and she wasn't happy about it (she isn't exactly gun friendly), and said that I should answer one. I usually don't answer obvious telemarketing calls, but I thought that I would appease her, if it got the calls to stop.

The guy was good in his presentation. He informed me that the UN was coming for our guns. Could he mark me down for a $150 donation. I told him that times were tight and I didn't think that I was going to be able to give them anything. He said that he understood, and that we were all having trouble with the tough economy. How about $100. I repeated the same answer. Then he went down to $75. Normally, I would have tired of the game at this point, but hey, it's the NRA. I again told him that I wasn't able to give anything at this point, but if things turned around, I would visit the NRA website and give something there. Then he tried a last ditch effort for $25.

I understand that these are trying times for gun owners, but the whole telemarketing thing is so annoying and mostly useless. An email would have been much more effective. I already get a lot of emails from them, so one more wouldn't be that bad.

Have any other fellow MRA members gotten the same pitch?

I give you credit. After telling them the first time that I wasn't interested, I would have hung up the phone. I contribute on an annual basis along with my Easy Pay Life membership. Maybe that's why they haven't called me. :biggrin:

I would agree with chroode - call the NRA directly and let them know what happened, including the phone number they are calling from, I have never heard of the NRA soliciting phone donations, but then again anythings possible. You can also go to the do not call registry and register your numbers, inform the telemarketer that your on the do not call list, then save the number and biz name go back and file a complaint on the do not call list. hope that helped!
Yes, this is an orgazination claiming to be nra. They are the nra but not the NRA.The have been many different names befoe this one. Hang up, bye bye!
Have any other fellow MRA members gotten the same pitch?

I get 1-2 calls a year. They are always understanding when I tell them "I gave at the Office" and times are just too tight. They have always been very courteous. I have never received Multiple calls as you describe. I'm a Life Member and it's also my understanding they only call on Members. I really don't mind them calling as I understand "WHY":hang3:. As long as they don't get obnoxious I can live with a couple calls a year and a chance to shoot the bull with a live body from elsewhere in the country. Now if they start using computerized calling and recorded messages, that will mean an end to receiving them and an excuse to raise a little HELL with Headquarters.:angry:
The NRA or someone posing as the NRA has called several times.

My wife told them I am already a member and we are on the do not call list, if you call again I am reporting you.

So far they haven't called back.

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