The Martialist -- Going Armed by Phil Elmore


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Not entirely sure this belongs here, but as I'm sure there's little within its passages that could not be considered preaching to the choir if I were to try telling it to any regular user here, but I think it might be of use to any of us in trying to convince others, so simply put and straight forward are its words.

It's far too long, I feel, to post it here, but I think it hits all the right high spots one would want to hit when trying to convince a hoplophobe to give up their wrong headed ideas about self defense.

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Regarding that URL's title, remember the truism, "If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics leave much to be desired."


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Gee, is that why Nunchaku , Sai, swords, throwing stars, and other weapons are outlawed??? It must be, because we all know that martail artists everywhere were killing and maiming with these weapons at an alarming rate. :fie:

Today's society is completely nuts. They worry about what they shouldn't and don't worry about what they should. :angry:

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