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Upon my Fathers passing a few weeks ago, he left his firearms. His M1, Royal Enfield and a 1911A1 Military.
Between my Brother and Sister, I am the one with firearm related background. My nephew spoke up and asked my Sister for the M1. She asked me the other day if Dad has any guns because ***** was asking about one of them when he spoke to Dad. I told her it was the M1. This weekend my Brother and Sister will come by and we are all going to go through our Dads things. I guess my nephew will get our Dads Garand. I'll ask for the Enfield or the 1911 and give it/them to my son.
My nephew asked me once about the M1 saying how he would like to have it. I told him to get in line for that one because I wanted it. My nephew is a shooter, hunter, etc. I just hope He takes very well care on this wonderful rifle. I will let him know though that I want to shoot it!

First off, sorry to hear about your father Sambo42xa! My grandfather, KimberRB's dad, pasted a few months back also. He also had a few guns he left to my dad. My dad, in turn, gave each of us grand kids one. I received his Savage 30-30. It meant a lot to have one of my grandpa's old rifles and I hope to hand it down to one of my kids one day (once I have some).

The fact you are even thinking about giving him the grand must mean you think he's a good kid. I'm sure it'll mean a lot to him and being a shooter/hunter I'm sure he'll take care of it.
To be honest, I thought the firearms would stay here in the Safe (my Father lived with me). But I guess my nephew had spoke to my Dad a few times on the matter and seemed very interested in it. Just hope all His things are well taken care of and not discarded wherever they go. I know my nephew will take very good care with it. Actually, it is not really my decision to give the rifle away or anything else. Everything is pretty much getting split with my Sister, Brother and I. That's when we all look at each other and say, I don't can have it, I don't want it, etc. I'm sure your Father already went through this with your grandfathers things. Now it's our turn.
It's all new to us and I guess it really doesn't matter much, as long as the memories are cherished.
Prayer out to Your Grandfather.
...and Thank You.
Sorry to hear about your father passing. Your family sounds like they handle things very well, regarding splitting things up and what not, I know my family won't act civilized. I myself don't know if I could act like you are and maybe that's why I need to work on that personally. :)
Again, sorry for your loss.
sorry to hear that you lost such a close person in your life.
that is big of you to let another take something that you really want. of course as you said the memories are really what matter most.
I too would love an M1!

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