The M&P 45c (compact) is here

That is a nice looking gun. I am looking for a compact .45 and will definitely take a look at this. I have a S&W Sigma .40 that I can't hit the broad side of a barn with. I do considerably better with my 1911 and XD45, so I don't think that it is all me. I hope that the M&P is better than the Sigma.
I have a S&W Sigma .40 that I can't hit the broad side of a barn with.

I handled the Sigma and the M&P when I was shopping for my 45 because they were both included in the rebate offer available at the time. For me there was a bit difference in hand comfort, especially because of the interchangeable back straps. If your range rents, you might try an M&P and see if the barn gets much bigger.
Oh that is just S-E-X-Y. I wonder if the new wifey will mind me getting myself a wedding gift..................?
M&P 45 Full Size vs. Compact - Grips perspective
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M&P 45 Full Size vs. Compact - Slides perspective
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M&P 45 Compact - Hand on Grip
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There's a huge difference between the M&P and the Sigma. I'm surprised S&W would put their name on a pistol as lame as the Sigma. I used to have one, but I got rid of it quickly.
Wow!!! What a fun handgun this is to shoot. Now, keep in mind, I am a relatively inexperienced handgun shooter. The only handguns I've shot in the last 6 months are the M&P 45 FS, the Ruger LCP and now the M&P 45c. The weight and balance (pilots take notice) seems naturally comfortable. For my first outing, about 150 rounds, I actually liked shooting it one-handed, left and right handed, better than two-handed. The flip is noticeably more than full size, but manageable. The comfort of the weapon in the hand seems to keep the return to sight picture close to that of the full size. I need to get some measurements with a timer to compare the two quantitatively, not just qualitatively. Again, I remind everyone that my skill level, or lack thereof, may be masking the results that others may experience.

Can't wait for my next outing. Even thought I intended to practice with my LCP and full size 45 as well, I completely abandoned that plan because I was having too much fun with the 45c.

By the way, the handgun functioned perfectly. Out of the box, the slide lock was hard to activate without pressing on both sides simultaneously. After about 50 rounds, I could operate it one-handed and if felt very smooth. The trigger is grittier and heavier than my full size. I expect that to break-in with lots of dry and live firing.

Sorry for the somewhat unorganized report. Hope to shoot it again this coming weekend. Mom is having heart valve replacement surgery this week, so not much time for fun during the week.
The Sigma is A so so gun at best, but now the M&P is just down right sexy. I have the 40c in the compact and out side of my Kimber it is the best handgun I have. Very nice shooter.
I knew that the Sigma was a cheap gun from the beginning, and I was aware of the trigger pull complaints as well. I bought it as an entry level gun to see if I was going to enjoy the experience. Even given it's shortcomings, it did provide the impetuous to move ahead.

I will probably sell it soon, at a loss, just to move more in the .45 direction I seem to be heading in.
I am waiting for my local dealer to get one so that I can get the feel of it. I currently have a dark earth full size and a 9c.

If the .45 compact pans out for me, my beloved Kimber may become a safe queen ( I didn't really say that, did I?)

Buds is currently showing "out of stock" for this weapon.
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