The Libs want a nation of wussies.


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:wacko:What these "EDUCATORS" fail to remember is "THE BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR" were being described by an American Patriot aboard a Brtiish Man-of-War. We were not attacking... we were DEFENDING!
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At Goshen,
we're passionate about making peace. If you believe in care of the earth and care of one another, if you put your faith and God before anything else, this is the college for you. We're for people who want to serve the world with joy in the name of peace.

Well at least its a private university.


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So are they going to not play any of those violent sports like football or hockey? Are they going to change the rules of baseball to prohibit stealing bases? Are they going to refuse federal money? Heaven knows they don't have an ROTC program. Oh and don't forget the refuse to allow students to use any federal grants, scholarships or loan guarantees. No veterans either if they want to use military benefits. Better refuse the children of veterans just to be safe - who knows what they may have been trained in at home.


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"Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow the fields for those who do not."


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Of course they want a country of wussies. How else do you take full control of a country?

Change the National Anthem to Tiptoe Through the Tulips and skip around with the Pied Piper. No need to lift the toilet seat anymore, there won't be any men left.
It's a Quaker college. The Quakers are known for taking peacenik-ism to an extreme. Trust me, if you look at the history of Christianity in general, you will find no shortage of violence. (Matching every other religion - and lack thereof - on that regard. It's only a few denominations that are "militantly anti-militant". Dang, I'm full of bad puns today...)

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