The Late Great United States


Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How The US Became Obsessed With Physical & Emotional Safety

"In America we say if anyone gets hurt, we will ban it for everyone everywhere for all time. And before we know it, everything is banned. The simplest way to get any law passed in America, be it a zoning law or a sweeping reform of the intelligence community, is to invoke a simple sentence: “A kid might get hurt.”



H.R. 6666 a devil of a COVID-19 government surveillance plot

H.R. 6666 takes COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, and turns it into a mass surveillance authority for government against society. “HR 6666 violates inalienable rights to one’s person, home and property, to one’s life, freedoms, privacy and security,” the petition states. “It is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, as well as the First, Fifth, Eighth and Ninth amendments … It is an illegal act of forced medical treatment upon We the People and an invasion into our local communities … [it] grants the [feds] broad authority as to empower any ‘entity’ … to hunt down people with no reasonable suspicion of threat to public health … HR 6666 is unconstitutional, unacceptable and unlawful.”



Because our times have so changed since early 2020,almost everyone is saying the same thing— they never thought they would see the things happen like they are happening today! Let’s consider just a few of these issues.

I never thought I would see the day when:

1 Prisoners would be let out of jail at the very same time Christians were being kept out of church.

2 It would be so obvious why America is not a prominent player in Bible prophecy. Something had to neutralize us, or a series of events would weaken the superpower.

3 People I admired and trusted told me they were going to report good people to authorities who weren’t keeping the “letter of the law” such as proper social distancing. Friends reporting friends? Neighbors reporting neighbors? Has love grown cold?

4 The Coronavirus would do us all a favor and put “Drag Queen Story Hour” out of business for a season!

5 It would be so blatantly obvious that we are in the absolute last of the last days—in fact, the last hour—but our pulpits still insist on being quiet about that. For the first time, many people truly want to understand the times and how the Bible applies to them!

6 The media would call Republicans “the party of death” when they just want to open businesses and save the lives of millions who are in total despair. Suicide, alcoholism, and drug abuse are soaring.

7 The one institution pushing back on the despair, the church, would be declared “non-essential” but not marijuana shops or some abortion clinics.

8 In just a matter of weeks, people accepted surveillance in the name of safety and security. No one questions drones, cameras, and apps watching our every move.

9 Businesses that took a lifetime to build and that even spanned three generations, were destroyed in a few weeks—not just in America but around the world.

10 Some cities are asking churches to keep logs of every person who enters their building so they can then be tracked and traced.

11 Some churches can re-open but with limitless restrictions including how you handle communion, but Costco and Home Depot are allowed hundreds of customers with just a couple of restrictions.

12 Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, many would rush to the defense of China who caused it all to happen!

13 Vaccines, that once saved lives, would get so corrupted that they now risk lives, yet there is talk that all Americans must get a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Constitutional scholar, Alan Dershowitz, says the government absolutely can “plunge a needle into your arm.”

14 The rugged American spirit that drove pioneers to fend off Indians, would get so diminished that many caved to the whims of politicians, who obsessed over masks and social distancing. And we let them.

15 Two unknown doctors appeared daily in press briefings presenting their evidence to ruin our great country and it seemed like our leaders never gathered a second opinion. And when some spoke up to differ, they were shut down.

The stage is clearly being set for the Tribulation, yet most people are clueless because Bible prophecy has been deemed irrelevant and inconvenient. The world is being prepared for a demonic savior, yet the masses are not only clueless, they will run pell-mell into his arms. He will promise to restore order out of this chaos. He is waiting in the wings. His title is Antichrist.

You never thought you would live to see this day either, did you?

We’re not just end-time kooks wandering down Main Street warning about a zombie apocalypse. We’re warning that the Bible predicted some things that would set the stage for the final moments of history as we know it. The Church would be removed before the curtain could go up and that final dramatic scene could be played out.

That final scene is imminent. Everything is falling into place. Don’t delay putting your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life. You are not guaranteed a tomorrow to make that call.


"America MUST and WILL Fall. There is no escaping this fact. We need to understand and accept that truth. America plays NO PART in end-times eschatology. We either will not be able to assist Israel, or we will have those in power who will choose NOT to defend Israel. In truth, we have already betrayed Israel and incurred the wrath of God by our national leaders’ blatant and purposeful decision to defy God’s covenant and divide God’s land of Israel. Like it or not, accept it or not, America is already under God’s judgment for our arrogance in trifling with the land of Israel upon which real estate God has placed His own name and ownership".

Death Is in the Valley, but We Aren’t Staying in the Valley

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