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This is just not as fun a place as it used to be.


Walt Disney Company will immediately fire employees who have a legal firearm unloaded, cased, and locked in their private vehicles while parked on publicly accessible company property, and NOT fire someone that is under arrest on child-pornography charges. This is just WRONG! Is it not a place for the family to go and have fun. This is sending the wrong message. What is the world coming to?
Not only do they limit your 2A rights but endanger your family by allowing this type of peron to stay around I know he is on leave but can probably still have acess the park.
We're working on a law here in the Gunshine state to correct this. I'm sure it will pass and if it comforts you further, Mickey will not allow suspended employees back on the property at all.
It sucks that Disney won't allow people to keep firearms in their vehicles; my employer won't either. I don't see a problem with them not firing the employee who was arrested though. I would hope that my employer wouldn't fire me if I were arrested for any charge. Now if he's convicted, I'm sure he will be fired. Remember, innocent until proven guilty. They did place him on unpaid leave until the matter is resolved.

I've disliked Disney for years. I believe that their movies are responsible for a lot of the anti-hunting sentiment in the US.

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