The Greatest Rock 'n Roll Songs, 1955- 1995

We'll quickly follow up with Sister Golden Hair, 1975,

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin. Greatest rock song EVER!

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Cliché and over played. (redundant I know) Way too many to list a single favorite. With April 15th a coming I'll do an Allman Brothers tune; Tied to the whipping post or maybe Sweaty Teddy; 'Strangle Hold'
I would add that Jeff Beck has always been at the top of my artist meter since I started listening to solo guitarists in the early seventies. I would say one of his finer works is; Cause We've Ended As Lovers (Wrote by Stevie Wonder) or maybe Freeway Jam worked with Jan Hammer group. (Jan Hammer produced all Miami Vice sound tracks) or Going Down, one of his early dam good jams. One his top ten, IMHO, is a later work with Mod Rod Stewart (People Get Ready) Who says ya can't have it both ways. Rock n Religion. Look for Wishbone Ash as well as a great Christian Group.
If it wasn't for Beck, America would have never heard to Mod Rod Stewart.
Also enjoy some of Joe Satriani and Joe Bonamassa. Both are accomplished but have yet to receive the refinement and full skills Beck has. You can toss in Eric Johnson as well.
Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones......The greatest rock and roll band ever.

And while in their 70's they can still lay it down.
Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Healey, Allman Brothers, lot to choose from back then when they made good music.Link Removed
All this talk makes me wanna start using drugs again. Actually that was the first time I have heard Iron Butterfly since the late 60's. I found this group in the cut out album section at the record store. Yep vinyl stuff. The reason I bought the album is I liked the cover.

Just too many to list. Euphoric recall is a friend of mine!

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