The effects of extreme gun control


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This could happen to us is we don't stand up for our rights.

YouTube - U.K. Gun Control Effects

Only gives the BGs more "soft targets" to pick from.

1) Fact of "underground life", the BGs can ALWAYS get a gun if they want one. (Any drug smuggler worth their salt would be more than happy to smuggle in a few tons of guns to add to their "bottom line".) (I suppose we could declare a "War on gun runners".... with, one could predict, just as much effectiveness as the "War on drugs".)

2) Fact of life: It is no mistake that the cities with the more stringent "gun control" Laws are in constant struggle for the top slots in the "Murder Capital of the US" year after year.

3) Fact of life: It is far easier for the Constabilary to harrass otherwise law abiding citizens over "Gun violations" than it is to try to "take on" the REAL BGs! (If it is the avowed purpose of the LEOs to look like they are "doing something" about violent gun crime.)

4) Fact of life: When the citizens are armed, the incidence of violent crime goes down. This is virtually a universal effect, NOT that you would get the gunaphobics to admit to it. (Applies to States that allow CC too.)

5) Fact of life: Even for the rare individual who "goes Postal" and abuses his gun rights, the idea of "gun banning" will not radically deter nor reduce such indicents. (See #1, above.)

6) Fact of life: We are told that gun banning will reduce the incidence of suicide..... ya da ya da. From my POV, anyone so unenamored with his/her life to want to end it prematurely..... I suspect the gun is just the tool of opportunity. There ARE other tools available to get the job done. (Besides, I've never been one to decry the ancient and honorable "way out" of suppuko! Just don't take anyone else with you.)

NOT that you would or could get the Lib/Prog gunaphobics to admit to a single one of those "facts of life". I always get the feeling that the main thrust of the Lib/Prog agenda, in general, is to AVOID the unsettling "facts of life". (Or those facts that are obviously counter to their rhetoric.)

Unfortunately, wishing that life is just a bowl of cherries, no matter how hard you try..... is NOT going to make it so.

Fatal stabbings at 30-year high | UK news | The Guardian

The figures show that the most common murder weapon in England and Wales remains the knife or other sharp instrument, with 35% of the 773 murders the result of a fatal stabbing.

Not gonna see that fact printed on any travel brochures.

A very accurate read on the subject --> Debunks the myths with the actual stats from the 20 top industrialized countries. Guess where America ranks? Number 13.

BC1: This indeed was an interesting read, however, you are trying to confuse all the anti-gunners with facts that conflict with their outright lies and propaganda. They can not refute the facts you presented but they are going to keep pushing for a total gun ban. The Brady bunch, Mayor Bloomberg and his cohorts will try until their last breath to take away our freedoms yet will not want to live under the same restrictions they put us under. Ex-mayor of Chicago Daley didn't want his citizens to be armed yet he has asked for armed guards upon leaving office. Is he trying to say we live in an unsafe world? Where are our armed guards? I value my life and those of my family just as much as he does his. If everything is as safe as they say they are, why does he need armed bodyguards? The anti-gun movement is milking this issue for all it is worth and as long as the money keeps coming in. As in the UK, do you think they will want our knives next? If so, my fork will become my carry weapon. If they get that, I'll beat the hell out of any BGs with my spoon. Isn't life great under Socialists?:sarcastic:

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