The dumbest anti-gun stunt yet!


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Nice way to create more people that believe that a "Gun Free Zone" will
actually protect them from anything or anyone. :fie:

But then hey... isn't that the standard liberal political method...
if you can't do something REAL.. do something pointlessly ridiculous :sarcastic:

As long as you feel worm and fuzzy it's all good.:sarcastic:


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that attorney general will be getting a lump of coal in his christmas stocking this year along with recomendation he consider aquiring some common sense
Fun part would be in him trying to figure out how to get rid of the coal as he likely would be anti-CO2 production also. :laugh:


1) What can you expect from those yankee libs anyway, something intellegent?(wike Bwarney Fwank and good old dead Ted):wacko:
2) I am grateful to God for letting me live in the SOUTH!!!:biggrin:
3) Just who bought those toy guns to begin with?:to_pick_ones_nose:
4) I say they should eliminate all guns in the north eastern states and give them to us. We'll be better protected because all the criminals will head to their "promosed land," the northeast because they would get more love and attention plus have better pickings to choose from.:sarcastic:


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Have you noticed when the government wants to get really serious about changing any aspect of society, they start with the children? By brain-washing them at an early age, it is easier to accomplish whatever devious plan they have in mind. It doesn't happen overnight but, over a prolonged period of time. In this case, an anti-gun activity which is an insidious and not easily apparent manner of bringing about the restriction of gun ownership. Thankfully, there are parents out there who will see through this and teach their children properly.:no:

Plus one! Of course, now it'll get you a visit from the FBI if one dares to suggest that Providence's morons who instituted this heinous act be in the cross hairs.


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I remember reading a thread on the old THR about two FFLs that went to a gun buy back in California somewhere with a bunch of old Lorcins worth 75$ or so they were first in line and broke the bank getting over 100$ a piece for their pistols
Do they still make Lorcins?

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