The Book Of Eli


God Bless Our Troops!!!
This is one movie I really want to see. Any Reviews from you guys will be much appreciated!

I liked it however some of the language is a little ruff so do not take any children and some of the scenes are also way to Violante for children. I liked the ending which I did not see coming.
I liked it OK, and I'm not a Denzel Washington fan. If you are Christian, it is a good story; a unique take on the apocolypse theme. I agree with HK4U, the ending is unexpected, and a welcome surprise compared to most predictable movies nowadays.
I saw it via the interwebs... I know, shame on me.. but it was a great movie. I give it 4 interweb thumbs up.
Finally saw "Book Of Eli"

festus if you get a chance to see it let us now what you think about it.

I was impressed with how gritty and surreal the Hughes brothers made this movie Feel. I was really impressed with the fact that this was well thought out and realistic.

My only Complaint is that when they prayed...They did not say in Jesus Name before saying AMEN...but that is HollyWeird.

On the plus showed just how valuable water and food is.
On the down side...some of the things that were depicted in order for folks to survive was not only realistic but nearly gut wrenching.

I give this film 5 Bullets. You guys and Gals really need to go and see it. I was proud of my faith and felt really good about my personal choices after seeing this movie. I would hope that I would never have to see what is depicted in this movie but Dang IT! they really did the effects well and showed what we will become if the world goes to Hell in a Handbasket!
I guess they couldn't put the name Jesus to the prayers. That wouldn't be politically correct. Just one of many reasons I will never be politically correct.

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