The big give away

Yup, gotta build more places for the Bloods, Grips, MS13, Well you get the point. It's worked very well in Chicago...
(holds libertarian hat securely to head)

My question here is "What is wrong with Republicans?!?"

Something that I have never understood is why Republicans allow Democrats to monopolize the black vote in this country. Democrats have made a political empire on the backs of our black American brothers and sisters, and what does the black community have to show for it? Worse crime, lower incomes, and an education system that has insured that the best most black children in this country can hope for is an innate talent for sports, or that their latest home-made album will "blow up" on the hip-hop scene.

While I disagree with Republicans almost as much as I disagree with Democrats, I am baffled by what seems to be amazing congruences in the Republican and Black American world views. Black people in this country are are, historically, a hard working, religious culture who value family and eschew threats to that value system (i.e. gay rights).

The fact that the Democrats have bamboozled the black community into believing that they are working to help them, while doing the exact opposite, has often inspired in me a sickly respect for their "machine".

As long as the liberals are able to fool the assorted minority communities that they have the moral upper-hand, we will continue to see the left wing attacks on our constitutional rights.

The right wing attacks I will save for another post. :wink:
The Democrat Party has been sticking it to the Black People sense the Civil War. They have tried everything they can to keep them in the back of the bus and uneducated, yet the Black leaders keep supporting them. I don't get it.
It seems to me that the democrats are attempting to blame yet another one of their failures (The Community Reinvestment Act) on the Bush administration. The democrats created this problem and ignored it until finally Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac failed. IMAO.

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