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This is the most enjoyable hour or so you'll waste in a day. Here's the link:

It's basically a couple of older gents with nothing better to do than shoot a bunch of different guns at a bunch of different things, and making a report of it on their website. If you haven't been here before, it's a blast to see (sorry for the bad, and unintended, pun). Most telling is the "Buick-o-Truth".


Ahhh Yes!!!!

The great box o' truth. This has got to be one of my favorite range testing websites out there. I remember sitting in on a government armed security lecture at a training range once. They brought out different materials with rounds stuck in them or through them to show the elements that provided good cover and what elements provided cover for what calibers. The box o' truth is great at demonstrating what to hide behind or how much of something is needed to stop the bullets flying in a house from a intruder. Good link.
That's a great sight.I spent an hour of company time reading and looking over it.I'll try to go through the rest of it later.
I did learn something,though.Shooting stuff is fun...of course I already knew that.
give em a few bucks, too. It's not cheap blowin' things up. They must be using half the empty milk jugs in their county. When I grow up, thats the job i'd like. Blow stuff up, write about it, and get paid:D
I like to hang out on but this site has a lot of potential to become my new favorite. I was really bummed when went down for good, but I think USA Carry will become much better than it ever was.
.........It's basically a couple of older gents..............

Hay I resemble that remark.....Older gents.....

O_P is only a year older than I am .....and I don't consider myself an Older gent..... :D

All Kidding aside I am a member and love learning and posting in the Forums.

Come visit and you too will enjoy.


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